Here we are back again for another fun and thrilling installment of The Best of Racist and Bigoted Twitter. It’s a weekly curation of all the truly horrid shit that antisemitic douchebags feel completely safe to spew on Twitter. So without any further delay, let’s get right to the dumbfuckery, shall we?

I have what I like to call a “vaguely Jewish” last name. Whether or not I’m actually Jewish (despite my cultural and genetic heritage) doesn’t actually seem to matter to trolls on Twitter. Like, for instance, this lovely person who sent me a take on a classic Internet meme of the kid in class holding in a fart, or something like that…

racisttweet031 racisttweet032

Next up, we have this meme that was sent to me, chiding me for calling Trump fans inbred because tests show Ashkenazi Jews are all related to one another. So because a certain subgroup of a subgroup had some inbreeding practices — that I didn’t participate in, I can’t make a joke about inbred hicks in this country. Fair enough, Nazi Tweeter. Fair enough.


What’s that? You haven’t seen enough antisemitic propaganda yet? You want to see more? Want it to be about how Jews controlling the media are going to hand the election to Hillary? Okay! Here you go! racisttweet034

Then there’s this one. These alt-right trolls love to make fun of trigger warnings, and they have a version of this one below for everybody they troll. That guy there is the stereotype of a Jew to them. Looks exactly like me, huh?


“Anal faggotry.” I guess we should all be thankful that this particular bigoted, hateful person at least understands that homosexuals don’t all do butt stuff. I guess that’s progress…question mark?


Once again, a guy who thinks I’m a Jew, making sure to just blast the antisemitism out on 11. 


I especially love when they think if you happen to be against white supremacy you’re anti-white people in general. They just don’t understand, it seems, that we just don’t think being white is something you put on your list of career achievements, and don’t want to be part of a new reich, is all.


And finally, I saved the most horrific one for last. As always, don’t forget that racism and bigotry is over in America, according to Republicans talking to 98% white audiences.


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