Yay! It’s time for my new favorite thing I do every week…collecting and publishing the most racist and unabashedly bigoted tweets I could find. Luckily for me, and for you, I have a vaguely Jewish sounding last name (even though it’s not Jewish). That means as soon as I tweet something to a right-wing public figure, I get so much content for this series tweeted back to me, that I fill-up weeks in advance!

Now, the really weird thing, and you might be totally fucking SHOCKED to hear this, so I’m sorry if so…but 100% of the racist, antisemitic, or homphobic comments I got on Twitter came from…Hillary Clinton supporters.

Hahaha. Fooled you! (h/t Dark Helmet)

They were Trump fans. Every. Fucking. One. Anyway…here we go with this week’s Best Of Racist and Bigoted Twitter.

First we have this one. He made it almost all 140 characters without busting out the hate. And then…


But maybe subtle, almost incidental antisemitic tweets aren’t your jam. Maybe you want something that is both bold in its racism and mind-numbing in its stupidity. Like, say, I tweet of an image that somehow implies if only we’d let the Nazis win World War II, people wouldn’t go around sagging their pants. You also get the feeling from this just how sad and pathetic life as an American Nazi must be. Always blaming non-white people for their own shortcomings. racisttweet029

This “John Titor” fuck also gets the award the “Creepiest, Most Racist, And Most Nonsensical Meme Ever.” Apparently every person who doesn’t want their country turned into a white supremacist clusterfuck is a cross-dressing anarchist with dildo flags and one-armed Che Guevara fans for friends. Which actually sounds like the kinda porn a racist would jack off to most. Thou doth protest too much, John Titor.


When I called him on his antisemitism and racism, I got this truly legendary response. I guess he wanted to add “homophobia” to list of paranoid delusions about humanity? Gotta make sure you check all the boxes.


Just in case you thought it was just LGBT and Jews he didn’t like…he makes sure to clear the bases with a grand slam of hate. It really something to see someone use that word with no care whatsoever for how degrading it is. And they wonder why I use every single disgusting name under the sun to describe them. Maybe I go too far though, I even call them…Trump Supporters.

Remember when I said alt-right fuck boys can’t figure out I’m not actually Jewish?racisttweet025
And another…(really love the hand emoji there to symbolize a Nazi salute)racisttweet023

And then just some fun twisting of ancient religious texts to paint all Jews as vile criminals and thugs. You know, like they do with Muslims too. Funny how they never care too much about the angry God of the Christian Old Testament telling people to smear the blood of a lamb on their door or their first born sons will be killed, but hey, YOLO!racisttweet022 And then yeah…just more antisemitism…direct at a person who’s Jewish only in blood line.racisttweet021

And just one more. I replied to Ann KKKoulter with a fun little Hitler GIF, and then got hit with what? You guessed it. More misplaced antisemitism.racisttweet020


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