It’s time yet again for another fun insallment of The Best of Racist and Bigoted Twitterour weekly roundup of the very best racist and just plain bigoted comments we could find from Twitter. Conservatives love to tell us we should stop “race baiting” over things like social justice and equality for people of color because we’ve made such great strides that racism is just about a thing of the past, mythological in nature even.

But, it’s truly amazing how easy it is to elicit a racist, antisemitic, or homophobic comment from self-identified members of the “alt-right.” So let’s get right to it, shall we?

This one is so transparently racist, you almost want to give him kudos just for making it so easy to identify him as a racist piece of shit.




If I had a dime for every time an alt-right Tweeter called me Jewish, or implied my Jewishness was the reason I felt a certain way, I’d have some serious cash. Of course, I’m only Jewish by heritage, but hey, who ever said antisemitic, allegedly Canadian Junior Hitlers had to be accurate in their hate speech?


And here’s another one, case you were worried this guy was just busting my balls, and actually not a racist in any way, shape or form…


This poor soul was very easy to coax into admitting he was a white supremacist. The hard part was trying to get him to see how that’s not a good thing.


See? Unrepentant white supremacy…in totally not racist America.


Same guy. But now he’s justifying his racism by the fact that we white folks have stepped over many. many people while we “built the modern world.” See? It’s okay that we treat people of color like shit; we’re productive while we do it! Multitasking!


With a name like “TrumpWaffe,” I’d be more surprised if this person hadn’t acted this way. I left my response to his question in the screencap.


And then, sometimes you just have to let the bat shit crazy flow through you, like this guy. Sorry, black women raped by white men, apparently we don’t know who to blame for that.



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