Another week has come and gone, which means another week of curating a collection of the best of the worst that Twitter has to offer. As always, it seems my vaguely Jewish surname, coupled with my bold audacity to have an opinion and share it, has opened me up to a world of beauty, wonder, and unrepentant antisemitism. Keep in mind this is purely an estimate based on anecdotal evidence, but the overwhelming majority of the antisemitic rhetoric, memes, and generalized hate speech that gets heaved my way comes from people who are proud Trump supporters.

It makes you wonder…if you have a bowl full of Trump supporters, and you want to know which aren’t racist…would you be able to tell? Well, if those Trump supporters have Twitter accounts, you just may be able to. And now, on with the racist, antisemitic hate speech in 140 characters or less!

This guy started out with just a tepid swipe at me via my last name — again, I’m Jewish by heritage and never by religious practice, and added in a fun little antisemitic cartoon as icing on the hate cake.racisttweet040 There we go, that’s better. Thanks, Topher the Gopher! I was starting to worry you were antisemitic, but not quite deranged. This tweet spares me that worry.racisttweet041 …and just in case you thought our pal Topher was a one-dimensional hater. Fear not! Can multitask his hatred!racisttweet042 Maybe you’re familiar with Nazi assholes, and maybe you’re not. The term “oven dodger” is one they love to hurl at Jews and comedians with vaguely Jewish names. I have to admit, I’d never seen someone combine the oven meme with the “love of money” meme until this asshole here. I went ahead and left my reply (and his reply to me) in the screenshot for this one.
racisttweet043 Here we have the common American alt-right twitter person implying that Jews are just delusional and paranoid about Nazis, I guess. I’m guessing the implication is that antisemitism and rampant Nazism is made up. Of course, the irony of making that statement while trying to troll someone with an antisemitic cartoon is enough to flood the Sahara so…racisttweet044 As you can see, it’s not just my vaguely Jewish name and opinions that invite alt-right trolls. Here’s a sample from shit tweeted at actress Laura Silverman.racisttweet045 This guy’s feed is a damned wasteland of racism. I don’t recommend wading into the sea of derp that is his feed unless you have hours to kill going down the meanest and also dumbest rabbit hole known to man. I’m surprised this guy takes a break from fucking his sister and ironing his white sheets long enough to tweet as much as he does, but well…note the first response to his tweet is from a racist who will never give up his racism, even when black people stop acting like “dumb n**gers.”racisttweet046

…aaaaaaaannnd right back to the unyielding, boastful antisemitism that Trump and his surrogates swear up and down have nothing to do with them or their campaign.
racisttweet047 Now, in this racist asshole’s defense, I am indeed a weirdo and a loser. I’m just more what one might call, “tangentially Jewish” than anything else. So while we should condemn this fuckwit for their antisemitism and irrational hate, we have to at least give them credit for being able to correctly identify at least two of my most distinguishable traits.racisttweet048 Finally, let’s wrap it up with yet another totally not racist antisemite Trump lover trying to troll Ms. Silverman again. You almost feel bad for Twitter’s Nazis; they seem to have a dearth of material and need to keep recycling the same, stale stereotypes. Poor hate-filled bigoted douchebags. It’s bad enough they’re hate-filled douchebags, but to be unoriginal on top of it all? It might explain just some of their overzealous and obvious trolling.


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