All this recent discussion of the so-called “alt-right” in American politics got me to thinking we needed a new feature on Modern Liberals. While I realize that racism is completely dead in America, and while I understand that even remotely addressing obvious racism in the country means I’m a race hustler and just “riling up them blacks,” I decided to start curating the racist and bigoted tweets I found on Twitter for you all.
Some of them will be racist, some of them will be antisemitic, and others will be anti-LGBTQ. Whatever their flavor, you can rest assured that no matter how many ignorant, hate-filled tweets we feature here, it’s but a speck of sand on the massive beach that is Racist and Bigoted Twitter, so there will always be more to mine. And now, please enjoy the first installment of The Best of Racist and Bigoted Twitter.
This guy had a super-hot take on the victimization of actress and comedian Leslie Jones. But remember, these people aren’t racist. At all.
I like how this guy think that because some white people have helped invent some technologies we use today, that excuses racism, or even better still, means racism doesn’t exist. White people invented a lot of awful shit too, like the KKK, but hey, don’t let that throw you of your stride, Racist McGee.
This one’s funny for a couple reasons. For starters, it’s got the old “wake up white people” routine that those who believe in “white genocide” love to trot out. But even more ironic is when the meme’s message. What I don’t get is if they think being “pro-white” isn’t racist, why do they care of someone is “pro-black” or says “Black Lives Matter.” Hint: They’re hypocritical racist shit bags.
And here’s the classic racist dog whistle about rioters not having jobs. But how come no one ever asked them why Cliven Bundy and his family of slack-jawed, cousin-fucking asshole friends weren’t working in the middle of the week they decided to have not one, but two ARMED standoffs with federal authorities? Hint: They’re racist fuckwits.
But remember, it’s the Muslims who are intolerant, racist, and unevolved, not the alt-right. And if you believe that, I have a racist bridge in Berlin to sell you.
Sometimes you really do just need to let the racist tweet storm speak for itself. So I give you…

With a name like “EuroNationalist,” we just knew they wouldn’t mind if we kept their name visible. And just to confirm what European Nationalism is all about, enjoy some unrepentant racism, tweet style:
And finally, enjoy some truly unhinged, antisemitic horseshit spewed at a congressional candidate running against David Duke.
Come back next week for another installment of The Best of Racist and Bigoted Twitter!

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