I have a question for conservatives foaming at the mouth to celebrate Trump announcing an end to the DACA program in six months —

What crime did Dreamers commit?

First, it’s really, really important to understand who Dreamers are. I think sometimes to Republicans, at least those that support Donald Trump and the cavalcade of douchebags that comprise his administration, get confused about who Dreamers are. They call them “illegal aliens,” which in a legal sense they are. But whether intentionally or not, they casually gloss over the fact that these people were brought here without any input of their own. 

Simply put — Dreamers protected by DACA are good, decent human beings who were dragged, probably literally many times, into the United States when they were children. No child has any real control over where their parent takes them. Undeniably, the parents of Dreamers broke immigration laws when they and their families arrived in our country. Whether or not those laws are stupid and center around rather arbitrary, imaginary lines on a map, is another discussion. But to be fair to Republicans, yes, the parents of Dreamers broke THE LAW when they came here.

But, I’d like to know what other crimes Republicans think we should punish the lawbreakers’ children for. Murder? If I kill someone, can they come and put my two sons in jail for it? How about if I commit fraud — will the FBI haul away my kids or me for that? If this kind of questioning sounds absurd to you — congratulations! You officially get why it’s so galling and stupid to deport people to a country they don’t know because of crimes committed by their parents.

Ending DACA doesn’t make sense even from a conservative point of view. I grew up in a conservative home. The idea of breaking up families over a matter of immigration law would have made my Republican parents cringe when I was a kid. The impact on the economy could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and that’s to say nothing of the moral bankruptcy it takes to cause this kind of heartbreak over immigration law.

Dreamers aren’t criminals. They can’t have had any criminal record to qualify for DACA protection. The level of scrutiny we put on those seeking DACA protection is higher than we put on our own neighbors. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions made sure to lie his racist little rotten-apple face off about what DACA protections are and aren’t, but don’t expect anyone on the right to hear the truth. It made me sick to my stomach to see him barely containing the glee in his voice as he stuck it to a bunch-a-Mexicans…in his mind anyway. Forget that Mexican immigration has been stagnant for years, Republicans think every undocumented person speaks Spanish and came up from the southern border.

What a big surprise that the guy who wants to make America’s most racist modern domestic policy — the war on drugs — was stoked to fuck over a bunch of non-white people today, huh? What a shocker that the guy named after the president of the confederacy would be bound up to the podium to announce how he and his orange-tinted shit wibbler of a boss were going to screw over 800,000 people, huh? It’s just so strange to think of a guy too racist for a federal bench in the 80’s being all super-duper stoked on a new racist policy shift, am I right?

Immigrants make this country great. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a piece of shit. Or racist. Or a racist piece of shit. Let’s go with that last one.

It’s particularly galling for the so-called shepherds of Christianity to be doing this. It’s disgusting that people who tell us we can’t be concerned about people of color being murdered by cops are the ones telling us we should just be okay with packing up people onto trains and planes and shipping them to countries they’ve never called home. They tell us they’re pro life, and they tell us they believe all lives matter, right before they cheer in the streets about getting to make thousands of people’s lives worse.

If “All Lives Matter” then why exactly are we ending DACA again? Oh, right. They mean “All White Lives Matter More.” My bad.

Carry on, Fucked Up Piece of Shit Country.

From the slave trade, to the genocide of the natives, to the Chinese Exclusion Act, to Jim Crow, to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and beyond this country has had and will always have a problem racism and bigotry. That’s because there’s always one party willing to cozy up to assholes to win elections. Right now it’s the GOP, and it used to be the Democrats. But in every era there’s an effort made to soften our country’s racist past and racist present in order to ensure its racist future.

I’d say that I think rescinding DACA is racist and un-American, but clearly that’s an innate paradox, because there is almost nothing as American as racism.



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