Pro-Trump Super PAC Formed by Mysterious “Pladimir Vutin”


Someone with a name remarkably similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s has formed a political action committee named “HackPAC” with the purported aim of supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid.
Records with the Federal Election Commission indicate the super PAC was registered this week and is run by an unknown individual named Pladimir Vutin.
While no one knows for sure who Vutin is, he did release a highly encrypted statement declaring the purpose of HackPAC.
“Comrades, it is time to make Amerika glorious again with the very much hacking of the emails of the Hillary Klinton and the Demokratic National Kommittee,” the HackPAC executive director said in a statement released to the media via a proprietary encryption service. “The Hillary Klinton is weak like Amerikan vodka and must be krushed like Hungarian revolution. The HackPAC independent expenditure-only kommittee knows the Donald Trump is strong like bear.”

Vutin said HackPAC welcomes voluntary donations of any size to augment the electronic funds it plans to acquire from vulnerable online bank and credit card accounts.
“We shall raise much rubles to find the many missing emails of the Hillary Klinton and help the Donald Trump rise to power to lead the Amerikan Fatherland to much glory,” Vutin added.

Republished from The Red Shtick.


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