The Alt-Right is having a collective meltdown, and our President is trolling them with his typical grace and style. This man…

President Barack Obama made history on Tuesday by nominating the first Muslim person to the federal judiciary, Abid Qureshi.

“I am pleased to nominate Mr. Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench,” Obama said in a statement. “I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and a steadfast commitment to justice.”

It’s unlikely Qureshi’s nomination to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will go anywhere. With just months left in Obama’s term, Senate Republicans have all but stopped confirming his judicial picks. HuffPo

Haha. Hahaha. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall right now. If they don’t hold hearings at all, they might get away with this.

The problem is, there are already some grumblings about considering Garland for SCOTUS if things look “grim” over the next month. With all the news breaking as we breathe, this could conceivably happen. I don’t know. But let’s run with it for a moment. We can dream, right?

Hypothetically, the stars align. These journalists take all this criticism to heart, and the stories start pouring out over the next week or two. (Based on reports from the smaller and mid-sized outlets, there are almost unlimited scandals to choose from.) Trump is either disqualified or so scandalized, even the Grand Old Party-of-no-values finally disavows him.

Secretary Clinton climbs back up in the polls, and the right realizes this is their last chance to have a moderate justice on the court. POTUS gets to watch his last troll move play out exactly as he so brilliantly planned it.

Now they no longer have the “We’re not obligated to put a Supreme Court Justice on the Court because reasons” line they’ve been using, so finally we get movement. That is when Judge Qureshi comes up. If he is isn’t nominated, in this current environment, they are terrified of being labelled racists. Every one of those folks, other than the few directly aligned with the campaign, is balancing a unicycle on a tight-rope over skyscrapers right now, and one false move is certain political death. They also have to gut their party of the alt-right. And it must be a total and complete, burning fiery purge.

But if they nominate him…LIBRUHLS OH MY GAWD will take our GUNS and FREEDUMS.

This may honestly be a better crafted move than Merrick Garland. It is not as high a position, no. But the optics of it are amazing. And the potential ramifications of it on the right, the nights they would spend sweating over this decision…

I do not know if this was intentional. I really do not care. At the end of the day, the results are the same. We have what I am sure is a very qualified candidate who will be thoroughly vetted, and the ultimate game player who just issued the entire Republican Party an enormous checkmate.

Take that, all ye who think President Obama is an uneducated fool.


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