Abraham-LincolnThe Republican Party is irreparably maligning the name of America’s most revered president by continuing to call itself the “Party of Lincoln,” according to a lawsuit filed by Abraham Lincoln’s only living descendant.
In a suit filed in Florida U.S. District Court, Timothy Lincoln Beckwith claims the GOP is “maliciously defaming the good and honorable name of America’s sixteenth president by insisting on referring to itself as his party.”
Beckwith’s suit asserts the label “wrongly and injuriously implies” his great-great-grandfather, the first Republican U.S. president, is somehow responsible for the current state of the political organization he helped become a major player in American politics over 155 years ago.
“Abraham Lincoln never would have associated himself with any organization of which Donald J. Trump is the face,” explained Beckwith’s attorney, Arthur McKinley. “The fact the Republican Party still calls itself ‘the party of Lincoln’ as it’s about to nominate the moral polar opposite of the Great Emancipator exemplifies how intellectually dishonest and reckless it has become. The label is nothing short of slander.”
According to the suit, Beckwith is seeking $100 million — payable exclusively in $5 bills and pennies — for every instance in which any Republican official, candidate, or delegate refers to the GOP as the “party of Lincoln,” beginning last week when Trump became the presumptive nominee when his last remaining primary contenders dropped out of the race.
“As the last descendant of the greatest president this country has ever produced,” McKinley stated, “Mr. Beckwith wants to send a strong message that the Republican Party is now the party of Donald Trump, not the party of Abraham Lincoln. Continuing to claim it is the latter is doing far more damage to Abraham Lincoln and his legacy than John Wilkes Boothe ever dreamed of inflicting.”
He added, “The mere fact that Mr. Trump possesses currency with Lincoln’s likeness is enough to cause Mr. Beckwith a level of mental distress not experienced by anyone in his family since his great-great-grandmother Mary Todd Lincoln.”
Republished from The Red Shtick.


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