I’m starting to feel kinda bad for all the times I’ve made fun of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Here, all this time, I just thought he was a Supply Side spinnin’ fool who genuinely couldn’t see the results of 30+ years of Reaganomics staring him in the face. I thought he was someone who genuinely doesn’t care for the poor in the ways that people who want to actually help them do. But now, apparently, it’s just a matter of Ryan having insane memory loss issues; at least that’s what him recently denouncing Donald Trump for using racist rhetoric seems like to me, because he actually said he doesn’t think his party should “prey on people’s prejudices,” and well, that kind of proves that Paul Ryan doesn’t know which party he belongs to, doesn’t it?

In a report from The Huffington Post, Ryan is quoted as saying the following about his Republican Party.

“We appeal to their highest ideals,” he said. “This is the party of Lincoln. We believe all people are created equal in the eyes of God and our government.” (source)

Wait. What? Did Paul Ryan not only say that his party shouldn’t prey on people’s prejudices, but that they actually believe all are created equally under the eyes of their God and government? Surely he’s not referring to the same party that thinks women shouldn’t have the same control over their reproductive decisions that men do, right? He’s not referring to the same GOP that thinks that making marriage universally equal and applied evenly across all fifty states is unconstitutional, is he? I hate to tell him this, but anyone who’s been paying attention to the Republican Party at least since the rise of the Tea Party knows that playing to prejudices is their main rhetorical device.

Birtherism may or may not have started under the watchful eye of Hillary’s 2008 campaign, but it was Republicans who took it, ran with it, and convinced a whole shit load of Republican voters that Obama is Kenyan. Now, I ask you, could they have pulled it off if Obama’s white side was seen more easily than his African-American side? If the GOP doesn’t prey on people’s prejudices, what’s up with all the lawsuits to keep gay marriage unlawful on red states? If Republicans don’t prey on prejudices, what’s up with this commercial that Donald Trump just put out?

Oh wait, sorry, that was for Senator Jesse Helm’s campaign back in 1990. When he ran as a Republican for Senate re-election. Hmm. He seems to be preying on racist feelings here, so this must just be an outlier. Let’s take a look at this commercial from another Republican candidate, this time for president, by the name of George H.W. Bush, shall we?

Oh shit, sorry, this one’s pretty racist too, isn’t it? Bush and his pal Lee Atwater should’ve just said “Michael Dukakis will personally send this, big, scary, black murderer to your town to rape and murder your son because that’s what Democrats do.” Okay, so this is another bad example. Let’s flash forward, way forward, to the 2010 midterms. Surely by 2010 Republican candidates would have stopped pandering to racism and xenophobia, right?

Here’s an ad from failed Republican Senate Candidate Sharon Angle, and you tell me if you see any so-called racism in this ad!

Well…it’s racist against Hispanic people. So that’s at least different than being racist against black people right? Right? Surely we’re not going to just conclude that for at least the last thirty years or so the Republicans have not only been preying on prejudices, they’ve been openly doing so, are we? Let’s try one more Republican ad; surely this one will be free of bigotry!

“You know there’s something wrong in America when gays can openly serve in the military, but our kids can’t openly pray in school,” Rick Pery, 2011.

Fuck it. I rest my case.


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