Here’s just a quick thought I had, after watching the #MarchForOurLives this weekend, and seeing the absolute foamy mouthed tantrums thrown by conservatives over it…

What if some of those Parkland kids that they’re currently attacking, photoshopping into fake situations, and mocking, were saved from an abortion by those same right wingers?

I am not at all saying this is a high probability occurrence. I would say it’s almost a guaranteed truth that none of them were. But, just play along with this little thought experiment with me for awhile, won’t you?

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I bring this whole subject up because it strikes me as odd that the “pro-life” movement would be so vehemently against the #MarchForOurLives. I mean, other than the fact that they share the same root word — “life” — in their titles, the march and the pro-life movement share actual ideological ground. Well, at least on paper, until you factor in that modern American conservatism has become largely an “all guns, everywhere” kind of movement. But truly, both the student protesters of the #MarchForOurLives and the pro-life movement have one simple thing in common — protecting the lives of the innocent.

Now, you and I both know that that most abortions happen in the first trimester, when the life that’s ended is a developing human fetus, incapable of living outside the womb. But just, for now, ignore what we know about abortion, and just stick to what they think about abortion. It’ll make this whole analogy I’m working on fit better contextually if you don’t knee jerk defend abortion throughout it. Believe me, I’m wayyyyyyy pro-abortion, especially since about January 20th, 2017, as its become abundantly clear that we libtards simply failed in having enough abortions forced onto good, clean, ammo hoarding, Christian American Patriots (Amen!).

Whether or not you’re pro or anti-gun, or you know one of the millions and millions of people who don’t fall into either ideological extreme on that issue, no one can deny that since Columbine there has been a steadily increasing tide of school shootings every year. Dozens and dozens of children have been shot and either killed or seriously injured, to say nothing of teachers and faculty. Those are all people having their lives cut short or forever altered for the worse. So why wouldn’t the people who are so concerned about the right to life that they think they should control a woman’s birthing parts for her be just as outraged about all the death in our schools?

They’re being flippant about the death of kids that they’d be fighting tooth and nail to protect if they were still inside their mother’s wombs.

And you know, some gun nuts are fond of pointing out that gun death statistics often include suicides. That is wholly factual, by the way. Gun deaths usually do include suicides…because you know, people use a gun to bring about their own death. Are pro-gun pro-lifers arguing that life is sacrosanct until it involves a firearm being turned on yourself? Don’t get me wrong, I support the right of every person to take themselves out of this existence of ours whenever they want as long as it’s just their life they’re ending, but suicide is never a good thing for the people left behind, and it’s a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions to lose anyone to depression or other factors that may be treatable or able to be addressed.

If anything, I would presume that pro-lifers would be just as adamant about ending or curbing suicide just as much as abortion. The whole idea is that life itself is so pure and sacred we must protect it all costs, but when a gun nut’s brain is also a pro-lifer’s brain, apparently principles go by the wayside as much as critical thinking does.

I just find the idea that one of these Parkland heroes who is standing up to the NRA and every gun nut in America was once a pregnancy saved by a pro-lifer’s intervention to be quite beautiful. It’s always entertaining to me to watch people who profess to love liberty and freedom so much they’ll literally kill their fellow Americans for using their freedoms differently short circuit when confronted with the self-evident, massive holes in their logic. I think it would really trigger the gunflakes something fierce to have to reconcile some fetus they saved from abortion turning into a full-fledged gun grabbing libtard.

The bottom line, of course, is that these kids are doing what the kids who helped end Jim Crow by freedom riding did. They’re doing the same thing the kids who ended the Vietnam War did. They’re protesting the world that adults are telling them they have to live in. Funnily enough, quite a number of the Founding “Fathers” were barely out of their teen years themselves when they decided the world they were being forced to live in was worth killing and dying for. And that is what will always, always scare conservatives. It’s why they say education is bad unless it comes from a Bible.

Free thinking youth are dangerous to the status quo. Here’s to the #NeverAgain movement continuing to unnerve people who need it most.


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