The February 2017 jobs report has come in, and frankly, it’s a really great one. About 298,000 private sector jobs were created, and unemployment dipped to 4.7%.

This has the right-wing media machine and its exulted leader, President Donald Trump, crowing at the top of their lungs today. After all, it’s the first jobs report under Trump’s term, so why shouldn’t they take credit for it? I mean, they really were telling the truth about Obamacare. It was a jobs killer, and once they repealed it, all those jobs were created.

Wait, you mean that’s not what happened? They haven’t repealed Obamacare? So you’re telling me that all these fantastic jobs numbers that came in for February were generated while the Affordable Care Act was on the books? But that just seems so hard to believe.

For eight years, we watched the Obama administration slowly pile up positive jobs growth numbers, month by month. By the time he left, Obama had dozens of consecutive months of private sector jobs growth, even after his signature health care reform act was passed and signed into law. Still, we were told by everyone from Ted Cruz to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump on the campaign trail last year that Obamacare was killing jobs and preventing the kinds of jobs reports like the one that just came in from happening.

Yet, here we are, staring down the barrel at almost 300,000 new jobs created. Of course you can say it’s the rah-rah spirit that Trump is generating about the economy that helps, but let’s just take a slight detour from the Yay Trump parade and look at some shit in the cold, harsh light of reality, shall we?

Those jobs were all created in February while the GOP stumbled and bumbled around figuring out their Obamacare replacement plan, which by the way has been pretty much roundly rejected as utter dog shit. The American Medical Association completely trashed it. Republicans on the far right hate it because it doesn’t just roll back the clock to the Pre-Black Guy Days of health care, throw 20 million people off their insurance, and laugh gleefully as you condemn thousands of people to die from lack of treatment, all so that rich fucks can get rich fuckier.

The GOP health care plan is so terrible, is such political and legislative AIDS, that it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Obamacare isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Business owners know this. The adult-ish ones do at least. It’s not hard to look at the dumbfuckery going on in the GOP and surmise they won’t get their heads out of their asses for awhile. So all those jobs were created knowing full-well that Obamacare’s replacement is a cream dream fantasy for the right for the foreseeable future.

Distill this all down to its essentials and you know what you’re left with? The Republicans wailed, moaned, and screamed like banshees for eight years about what is, essentially, utter and complete bullshit. What’s killed jobs in middle America isn’t Obamacare. It’s not illegal immigrants. It’s. Republican. Policies.

Jobs were offshored. But it wasn’t just jobs. It was the third world labor practices we exported too. Americans no longer wanted their husbands, fathers, mothers, and daughters to work in shitty, inhumane conditions, which of course just took too much a bite out of manufacturer’s profit margins, and they decided rather than work out sensible wages that help everyone — both the employees and the employers — they just kept moving jobs and factories off shore, and all the while blaming our allegedly way-too-high tax rate instead of their own, simple greed.

One of the worst parts about a fully Republican government is that at least for the next couple of years we’re going to have to listen to them take credit for stuff we know that Obama had a far bigger hand in doing. The economy that Obama took over from the last Republican president was bleeding jobs at a staggering million or so per month. Obama didn’t get us to where we were generating 300,000 jobs a month, but he damn sure had plenty of months where he came close, and some where he met or surpassed it.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Trump’s first budget wouldn’t even take effect until October of this year because fiscal years start in that month. The more the Trump team talks, the more bullshit they spew. That’s not alternative fact, either.

To me, the real story here though is that Obamacare is on the books, and Republicans are still thumping their chests proudly over the jobs numbers. Maybe they’ll pull the old, “And just imagine how much more will be created when Obamacare’s gone” card. But again, with the disarray that their replacement plan has caused among their own party members, that isn’t happening any time soon.

That means every single jobs report they crow about we need to remind them over and over and over again that Obamacare’s still here. We need to make them own that lie. It was one of the biggest they’ve told in the last decade, and ironically the first jobs report they get to claim credit for in that same amount of time bears this out completely. They’ll never admit it, but they don’t admit that climate change is real, gay marriage hurts no one, that racism still exists, or that gravy isn’t a vegetable.

So, you know…grains of salt and whatnot.

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