I don’t know why all my fellow libtarded Americans are freaking out over this government shutdown. It’s a long-standing tradition for American presidents to hold their country’s government hostage and demand things, and don’t start bellyachin’ about Trump saying he’d declare a national emergency to justify immediate eminent domain seizures of private property to get the land necessary to build his wall. I mean, do all we libtards not remember what happened for eight years prior to Trump?

Barack Obama couldn’t go a  day without threatening to shut the government down. He was, like, always, making demands or saying he’d shut the whole thing down. In fact, during the days when Obamacare was working its way through Congress, Obama even made a big deal of saying he’d hold hundreds of thousands of people’s paychecks in limbo, and wouldn’t open the government until he got it passed. Then, when it seemed Obamacare wouldn’t pass, he said he’d just use people getting diagnosed with cancer as justification for using eminent domain to take property his administration could then sell to pay for Obamacare’s coverage guarantees.

Remember all that? Remember how he kept the government shut down for two weeks and threatened to issue a national emergency so he could steal people’s property? Well, maybe you should go Google it then, LIBTARD!

I’ll wait here while you Google, “That one time Barack Obama held the people’s government hostage for two weeks so he could force them to pay for healthcare they don’t want after telling everyone they wouldn’t have to pay for it.” Because I am sure that Trump got the idea for what he’s doing from Obama. That is almost as obvious as Hillary Clinton being a decrepit old hag of a violent, multiple-homicide committing sociopath, fam!

Now, I am sure that your Google search returned dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions, if not billions, if not SQUINTILLIONS of results for that story. If you don’t mind, can you paste them in the comments? Because for some reason, I can’t seem to find a single news article about Obama ever doing this. It seems like if he did, at least right-wing media would have lost their shit almost as much as they did over the tan suit or Dijon on the burger.

I can’t find any though. I can’t find a single op-ed written by Sean Hannity, or Dan Bongino about it. Not a single Laura Ingraham monologue about how Obama was shutting down the government to try and force a co-equal branch of government to rubber stamp his expensive, useless proposal. But I’m sure I’m not doing as well as your Google search. So, please, fill up that comment section.

In the meantime, I’m going to go Google all the times Barack Obama’s personal lawyer went to jail for helping him commit multiple campaign finance violations and launder money. Right after that I plan to find the millions of stories about how President Obama’s campaign manager had to go to jail for lying about contacts and business dealings with the country that attacked our elections to help him win. As soon as I find them, I’m gonna really show all my fellow libtarded libtards why they’re being so libtarded.


Writer/comedian James Schlarmann is the founder of The Political Garbage Chute and his work has been featured on The Huffington Post. You can follow James on Facebook and Instagram, but not Twitter because he has a potty mouth.


  1. Obama completely shutdown the government in 2013. It was not a partial shutdown, there is a huge difference between the “Obama shutdown” and the “Trump shutdown.”

    Obama threatened to stop social security checks if republicans denied his Obamacare budget. It’s on video, courtesy of CBS news.

    Obama shut down high profile monuments, national parks, Social Security offices specifically so that the TV cameras could show the veterans and the elderly being turned away. He even went as far as closing all VA Regional offices that process Disabled Veterans claims…

    If you want to view some of the damage search #2013Shutdown on Twitter…




    “President Obama warned of stopped Social Security checks and issued a formal veto threat Tuesday to the Republican spending plan currently being debated in the House, setting the stage for a potential government shutdown next month.” -Fox News



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