HOBART, ARKANSAS — For the last eight years, Clem O’Connell believes the United States has been “under siege and threat of constant, hostile takeover” by President Barack Hussein Obama and his presidential administration. O’Connell calls himself a “proud birther” because “the truth is more important than being right.” Clem not only believes that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, but that he is also a secret socialist, trained by George Soros to “take America down from within.”

O’Connell recently told his podcast’s audience that he was “very pleased” to see Republican politicians and pundits excoriating people who have been protesting the election of President Donald Trump because, as Clem says, “libtards just need to chill out and get over” the election.

“Jeez Louise, libtards,” Clem bellowed out at his audience, “when are you going to just stop crying like little snowflakes and get back to your safe spaces?”

Clem then told his audience he forgot to turn off the TV in his living room he was watching Fox News on, and sent his podcast to a break. Then, when he came back, he said he’d forgotten to close the browser he had open to World Net Daily and Breitbart News, so he asked his audience to wait just a moment longer, while he closed them.

“Thanks fam,” Clem said, “didn’t want to be distracted while I rail against these massive libtard pussies for exercising the First Amendment’s guarantee of protest and free speech.”

In his view, people protesting Trump’s election are “completely un-American” Clem said. He stressed how important it was going to be for the country to come together and root for Trump’s success.

“Because we’re all in this together, you libtarded piece of shit,” Clem said, “and if you don’t unite behind our president, then you’re clearly and completely un-American. The only reason you have to protest a president if he’s a Democrat, libtard, or libtarded Democrat. We all know Democrats aren’t legitimately elected anyway, not if you throw out the seven trillion illegal votes cast in California, or completely ignore all the votes Clinton even got in the states Trump barely won to put him over the top.”

At the end of his podcast, Clem had Republican State Rep. Tom Thompaulsen on to discuss the subject. Thompaulsen was recently tapped by the Republican National Committee to deliver a “vital, important message” to Democrats in which he begged them to “take a page out of the Republican playbook” and treat Trump with the “dignity, honor, and respect” the presidency and their political opposition deserve.

Watch Thompaulsen’s video message, below.

Republished from The Political Garbage Chute.

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