The worst fears of Second Amendment defenders will come true in late 2022, or nearly six years after President Barack Obama is constitutionally obligated to vacate the office, according to a Washington Times investigative report.

Gun owners all across America will have their guns forcibly removed by federal troops under Obama’s direct command in the middle of the administration of whoever wins the 2020 presidential election, the report says.

It’s all because a seemingly innocuous bill passed by Congress and signed into law by the president contains a secret provision written in invisible ink designed to appear toward the latter part of 2022. The now-hidden portion of the statute authorizes Obama to supersede the power of the then-current commander in chief and physically obliterate the portion of the United States Constitution wherein the Second Amendment is written.

The report states that, of the thousands of legislative instruments that have been passed during Obama’s administration, no one knows which one contains the covert provision, thereby making it impossible to destroy before the ink becomes visible and the law of the land.

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said he is extremely troubled by the report but not surprised.

“We at the NRA have been trying to warn Americans that this president is hellbent on taking away their guns,” LaPierre said. “Finally, we have irrefutable proof in the form of a report from a reputable source about a law written in invisible ink that Obama will ultimately strip Americans of their constitutional right to bear arms during someone else’s presidency.”

LaPierre also noted that the fact the law won’t become apparent and take effect until nearly a half-dozen years after Obama’s final day in office fits the president’s modus operandi.

“He’s a sneaky bastard,” LaPierre explained. “From his clandestine Kenyan nativeness to his closet Islamism, this president has always had a hidden agenda. And now he has a hidden law that will empower him to take away every gun from every law-abiding American right about the time they’ve let their guard down against him.”


Republished from The Red Shtick.


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