donald Trump BowlSane people everywhere are shocked that the establishment GOP is surprised that Donald J. Trump, the presumptive nominee, has not toned down his behavior and tried to unite the party. Citing a “mandate” from the minority of voters who have a positive opinion of him, Trump gave the party a gigantic middle finger and has continued to be the divisive bully the rest of us have come to expect.
Stating the blatantly obvious, Secretary Clinton’s Super PAC strategist, Guy Cecil, said, “His rally rants and Twitter brawls are meant to dominate the media coverage and public conversation so that Democratic challenges have less space to break through all of the noise. He doesn’t want people talking about his record or positions.”
Mr. Trump is taking his advice from former YUGE winners like Patrick J. Buchanan, who relies on his own incredibly successful campaign as well as H. Ross Perot’s big landslide victory as the ultimate strategy guide heading into the general election. The only thing he is willing to do for party unity is to say that he wants it if it helps him win. While Mr. Buchanan did admit that Perot lost, he revealed he thinks Trump has a better chance. “…largest Republican turnout…eliminated 16 rivals…more votes…mandate…border…wars…trade deals…” followed by more incoherent ramblings.
Establishment GOP strategists are alternately freaking out that Mr. Trump is not including them on any decisions and congratulating themselves on staying as far away from the process as possible. They realize he will need to thoughtfully consider his appeal to all Republicans and focus on “ideas in the center that unite people” if he wants to win, but they are simultaneously unsure if they actually want him to do that.

Trump has spent considerable time and effort reaching out to diverse groups via the very Presidential platform of Twitter the past few days. He reached out to the Evangelical voters via Russell Moore, a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, and quickly endeared himself to Rev. Moore’s 90,000 followers:

He also sent a very classy shout-out to the Trump Morning Show:

And he doubled-down on his commitment to endear himself to Senator Sander’s Supporters:

Mr. Trump is excited about using “word of mouth” rather than traditional advertising in the upcoming months, presumably due to the impossibility of raising much money, and compared his campaign to Broadway theater. I guess he thinks it’s classy. Unfortunately, it seems to be working well for him – while further ripping the Republican Party apart.



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