Victor Thorn, prolific author, Holocaust denier, and 9/11 conspiracy buff, took his own life this past Monday, according to his family. Thorn wrote for American Free Press, a haven for Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, racism, 9/11 conspiracies, and white nationalism.
If you Google “Victor Thorn suicide” today, you will see right-wing, white supremacist, and conspiracy websites, all claiming Hillary Clinton has Victor Thorn killed. Setting aside for a moment the fact that outside the fringe, very few people had ever heard of Thorn…actually, no. Let’s not set that aside.
This is not some incredibly famous writer, with stellar credentials. It is very sad that Thorn chose suicide as a solution for whatever he was dealing with, and that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Thorn subscribed to some pretty bizarre ideas. It’s very possible he was mentally ill.
Blaming Hillary Clinton for his death is at best disingenuous, and at worst, denial. Denial that a 54-year-old man who may have been suffering for years was allowed, and even encouraged, to publish hate speech and conspiracy theories without one reader or editor asking him if he was alright.

Hate sells. Victor Thorn hated the Clintons, he was a hero to Holocaust deniers, and he wrote for a website with headlines like:
School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook
Holocaust Hoax Exposed!
Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9-11
Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit Filed to Prove Sandy Hook Staged
American Free Press published a tribute of sorts to Victor Thorn on their website, that includes this passage:

Family has countered that there was no evidence of foul play at the scene and that Thorn most likely took his own life.
At this time, however, we are looking into all possibilities. The recent release of Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House and the Hillary (And Bill) trilogy, which has been selling off the shelves at AFP recently—exposing all the dirty secrets the Clintons have tried so hard to conceal over the years—certainly provides a motive for murder.
Thorn recently had some startling success with his research and writing. At the end of 2015, coauthors Roger Stone and Robert Morrow dedicated their book The Clintons’ War on Women to Victor, and in the early part of 2016, a prominent publisher in Poland purchased the rights to translate and sell Thorn’s Clinton trilogy.
If, in fact, Thorn was taken out by the Clintons, we will, sadly, have to add Thorn’s name to the long list of Clinton victims to be found in Thorn’s own masterpiece, Hillary (And Bill): The Murder Volume.
Rest in Peace.

Thorn wrote a trilogy on the Clintons, including a book about all the people the Clintons have allegedly murdered. Roger Stone, unofficial advisor to the Trump campaign and avid Clinton conspiracist, dedicated a book to Thorn.
Notice the second paragraph of the tribute by American Free Press. Victor Thorn’s book was “selling off the shelves at AFP.” Maybe that’s why no one ever bothered to ask Thorn if he was okay, if he needed help. Thorn wrote about hate and conspiracies, he promoted paranoia, and he gained a following, which meant AFP received traffic, and money. Hate sells. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and so many others, are multi-millionaires thanks to hate.
Victor Thorn was not a wealthy man. His books were either self-published (Thorn was the founder of Sisyphus Press), or published by AFP. He wrote books that denied truths, and wrote for a website that promoted conspiracies about the Holocaust, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and more. One wonders what drove Thorn to believe such awful things, and if that belief somehow led to the awful event on Monday.
It’s sobering when anyone commits suicide, no matter who they are. Hopefully, the people who call themselves Victor Thorn’s friends will stop using his death to promote their own fringe ideas, and focus on his life.
Rest in peace, Victor Thorn.


  1. Victor Thorn was on a radio show and STATED “…if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

  2. LOL .. what a POS article omg America is GONE! There are literally reams of evidence just read Thorn’s books if you Americans can still read that is.. If you can pull yourself away from American Idol just I dare you RESEARCH!

  3. Wow. My comment was deleted! Modern liberals don’t like facts eh?
    I said “Victor Thorn was on a radio show and STATED “…if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”


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