Big surprise today. The religious zealots are screeching and whining about persecution again after the Supreme Court refused to hear yet another case about why they cannot do their jobs, because Jesus says it is wrong. This particular case involved a pharmacy in Washington State, because if you do not believe in science, you should absolutely get a job in the field! Duh!
It makes so much sense to go get a degree in something so you can work in a field that contradicts your belief system. This is why you hear about so many atheists suing to become Baptist ministers! It’s really all they want to do, and the sad baby-eaters are being unfairly disenfranchised from these socially conscious tax-free entities on account of their lack of religious beliefs. It’s discrimination!
The pharmacists cannot comprehend why it is not exactly the same thing to intentionally not stock the birth control pills due to their sincerely held Bible Beliefs as it is to run out of the medication and refer customers to the store down the street. Because there is no difference! Not even a teeny bit. At least that is what their lawyers told them to say after they wrote that first ginormous check and it cleared the bank.
Also, if they give a woman those evil medicines, they will be destroying human life, because every good scientist knows that preventing an egg from being fertilized is murder. The morning after pill, which works exactly the same as regular birth control pills, is no different from an abortion. And that was never made legal either. I’m positive these anti-baby killers don’t sell condoms or even tube socks! They probably require your driver’s license and a consultation to purchase Kleenex, and you must swear an oath you will only use them to blow your nose.

It’s obvious activist judges in this country are wildly out of control, thinking that Christians should not be allowed to force their beliefs on everyone else, especially women who aren’t capable of making intelligent and Godly decisions. Obama’s Supreme Court is what is wrong with the United States, and if he would just say, “Radical Islamic Jihad” instead of being so politically correct all the time, Franklin Graham and Todd Starnes wouldn’t have to be so upset and go on Twitter rants and get on the television and tell everyone this is why there is so much flooding in the Red States.
We are taking God out of our schools, taking God out of our football games, and now we are taking God out of pharmacies! SCOTUS just took God out of our pseudo-science and won’t let the states use it to pass laws that restrict access to abortion clinics, and now they are forcing these pill dispensaries to hand women drugs that will let them be sluts without getting pregnant. Everyone knows that the only time women should have sexual relations is when they are making babies with their husbands, because it certainly should not be fun or pleasurable, ever, I mean, if it were, what would God think? Other than wondering why are we screaming his name so much?


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