CRESTLINE, NEW YORK — When 42-year-old Michael Johnson watched former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani tell the host of CBS “Face the Nation” that the Black Lives Matters movement is “racist” and that black parents should be teaching their kids to be “very respectful to the police” he says he almost threw his smartphone through his television set. When Giuliani doubled-down on his attacks on BLM on Monday, Johnson said that was the final straw and he sent his very first “Letter to the Editor” to his local newspaper.
“I wrote into the paper and I basically said that Rudy’s full of it,” Johnson told us via phone interview, “and that black people shouldn’t have to teach their kids to behave any differently toward cops than white people do.”
Johnson said he was livid at Giuliani’s insinuation that “police brutality isn’t worth prosecuting since black people commit crimes against other black people.”
“No shit black people commit crimes against black people,” Johnson said,”the same holds true for every ethnicity and racial group. Why? Because we tend to cloister in among ourselves. So yeah, it’s not a big fucking shock that black on black crime happens more often than white cops killing black suspects. But um, that’s not the point, at all.”
Mr. Johnson told our reporter that the point of BLM is that no one should be dying during routine arrests. He said that “regardless of skin tone excessive use of deadly force is a problem that should be solved.”
“I don’t care if you’re red, black, white or polka-dotted,” Johnson said, “no one should be murdered for a broken tail light. Selling loose cigarettes or CDs in a parking lot should be a ticketable offense, not a capital one.”

Ultimately, Johnson says it’s white people, not black people, who should be teaching their kids important, new things about the modern world.
“What white parents should be teaching their kids is that they shouldn’t be authoritarian, racist shitbags like Rudy Giuliani,” Johnson said, adding, “if everyone would just focus on the fact that cops have a duty to bring their suspects in alive at all costs, the racism issue wouldn’t be so bad. No one should lose their life during an arrest unless they give cops no other option because they are posing a direct threat to the life of the officer or the lives of civilians around them. Period.”
Johnson said he’s “sick and tired of Americans behaving as if cops have a constitutional authority to be murderers.”
“We have due process in this country for a reason,” Johnson said, “and Wyatt Earp is actually not a good model for modern day police authority. We don’t want our cops killing people if they don’t have to. We believe in trials, evidence, judges, juries, and verdicts. Rudy Giuliani is either an accidental or overt, intentional racist if he’s going to point the finger at black on black crime instead of talking about cops making bad decisions, regardless of the skin color of the suspect. Cops should be investigating and solving all crime, regardless of who commits it and they damn sure shouldn’t be committing crimes while supposedly arresting someone breaking the law in the first place.”
Giuliani couldn’t be reached for comment; he was too busy repeating “9/11” over and over and over and over and over and over.

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