National Review editor Rich Lowry is a fucking hack. This was Dick’s response to finding out that Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, would be adding his name to the list of Senators that will vote “No” on cloture for the confirmation of Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

I know — such a controversial statement to call a partisan hack douchebag a “partisan hack douchebag,” right? But seriously, he’s a hack. And you know why he’s a hack? Because he, like so many Republicans, really and truly believe that if Senate Democrats force Mitch “Wet-Eyed Turtle Fuckface” McConnell to go nuclear and ram Neil Gorsuch through onto the Supreme Court bench, that the American people will exact punishment on them for it. Lowry and his fellow Republicans think this because they have, for the last several months, ignored the fact that their candidate got shellacked in the popular vote.

All the talk of “Rural Americans” is cute and all, but at the end of the day farms and fields aren’t voters. American people are. And more American people voted against Trump than for him. More Americans voted for the candidate from the party that had a Supreme Court pick literally stolen from them. If Lowry really thinks that more Americans will be upset over blocking Gorsuch than they were about Mitch’s outright bullshit with Merrick Garland, they have a rude awakening coming their way.

The simple truth that Republicans are just not admitting to right now is that their president is under motherfucking federal investigation. heard testimony.

I don’t know if they think that the majority of Americans didn’t hear that news, or if they truly believe, even while staring at the popular vote totals in the face, that they are indeed the party of the majority. But I think it’s safe to say that anyone who voted against Trump would be okay with delaying the confirmation of his Supreme Court justice picks until, you know, the FBI says for sure if he or anyone else was a willing tool of the Kremlin. The Senate Intelligence Committee already to the fact that Russian hacking was employed and worked so well because Trump wanted it to; so why should we barrel forward with the agenda, just because he has an “R” next to his name right now?

I’d love to hear Dick Lowry explain to the American people why he thinks someone on Hillary Clinton’a campaign being under FBI scrutiny should have disqualified her for the presidency, while also arguing that Trump’s own FBI investigation means nothing when it comes to appointing Supreme Court nominees. He can’t make that argument. He won’t make that argument, because he knows it is completely ridiculous on its face.

I’m really tickled by this notion that all of a sudden Republicans feel an urgency to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat. For a year they told us they wouldn’t even entertain hearings on the Black Guy in the White House’s nominee for the spot, literally making up a rule about not confirming Supreme Court seats in an election year. That’s a soft filibuster. It’s a cowardly filibuster. But it’s still, effectively, a filibuster.

Now, call me crazy, but I kinda feel like if we can’t confirm a justice in an election year, we shouldn’t confirm one in a year that could wind-up exposing our sitting president as a conspirator with a foreign power during an election year. I’m not even saying that, in the end of it all, we’ll find that out. But if we can hold a SCOTUS seat open for a year for literally no other reason than a political one, we can hold it open until the FBI finishes its investigation, even if one party would see a political benefit from it.

The bottom line, though, is that Republicans like Dick Lowry would do well to really go back and look at the vote counts. Trump didn’t win the rust belt unanimously. He didn’t sweep the swing states by massive margins. He squeaked in. He barely won. He had the very slightest bit of support from those key states. If the GOP doesn’t think that the shit show the Trump administration has put on over the first three months hasn’t weakened that support, they are high as kites.

If they combine the exit polls from last year with his current approval rating, and Republicans might just see how they’re headed for a no-win situation on the Gorsuch nomination. They can go nuclear, kill the filibuster, and jam him down our throats. But when your party barely won last year, and your president is seeing historically low approval ratings, you don’t bet on your party coming out smelling like roses, unless you really are completely clueless as to what it means when you win the presidency but lose the popular vote.

Oh, and if all that still doesn’t mean anything to you, ask this guy called Merrick Garland how true the Republican whines of “unprecedented obstruction” come off to the rest of us who aren’t busy sucking Donald’s dick to get those tax cuts we promised our slack-jawed yokel constituents (who won’t see the benefit of those tax cuts in their lifetimes). Video record it when you do though. I’d love to see his reaction.

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