Well, that just happened. News just broke all over the place that Donald Trump plans on proposing nationwide “stop and frisk” training for police all over America. Why? To combat black on black  crime, of course. You know, because regular laws regarding violent crime aren’t enough of the people committing the crime and the victim are black, apparently.

If you ask me, and you didn’t, “black-on-black crime” is code for one of two things.

  1. “I am too ignorant to know how racist it is that I blame black on black crime for bad policing.”
  2. “I’m racist and genuinely think black people want to kill each other because they’re inherently more violent than other races.”

It is possible, of course, that a lot of right-wingers parrot the “black-on-black crime” talking point not realizing it’s pretty damned racist. It’s assuming that crime within the African-American community is so out of control that cops fear for their lives so much more when policing the African Community far more than in non-black communities. They then further propose that black people would get into less trouble with cops if they didn’t break the law more than everyone else.

They toss out the difference between the commission of a crime and the conviction for one. And they just dive straight into the victim blaming, and yes, the way our justice system was designed, the alleged criminal is still a victim if their life was taken unconstitutionally. To pretend like that hasn’t happened — a lot and to people of all skin tones — is willful ignorance at this point.

But let’s just tiptoe around the “black-on-black crime” nonsense and get down this idea of Trump’s to stop and frisk every suspicious looking person of color in this country.


How can anyone in their right mind defend this idea? It was already ruled unconstitutional by a Federal judge in New York.  It’s clearly counter-intuitive what we are said to believe in this country about all being equal and stuff. How can you pretend to love this country when you think Minority Reporting actual minorities is constitutional and you still believe we’re all equal?

Stop and frisk immediately presupposes someone’s skin color makes them more likely to be a criminal. Not only is this not backed up by any credible scientific data, it’s a horrific throwback to some of our truly most embarrassingly God awful days as a nation. Nothing is solved by treating huge swaths of our populace like criminals just biding their time before they break their next law.

Remember when we thought Mitt Romney wanting undocumented people to simply “self-deport” was considered the most draconian and tone deaf solution to a problem ever, just four years ago? Self-deportation is a horrid idea built around essentially treating human beings like so much garbage and so badly that they decide leaving is better for themselves in the long run.

Trump’s shattered all that.

Nationwide stop and frisk is a direct slap against all the progress we’ve made as a country on race. We can’t slide backward into the kind of unevolved thinking that gives credence to any alleged benefit from systemic racism. And if there’s anything that can be rightly called systemic racism, it’s when your system is literally using racism to filter out who to trust and who not to trust in society.

Add to this stop and frisk bullshit the proposal Trump has for “extreme vetting” and you start to get a picture of what Trump’s immigration offices would look like. And here’s the thing, it wouldn’t just be people coming in over the boarders. You know Trump would seek out the undocumented. Imprisonment task forces would be formed, and before you know it, teams of uniform-clad Americans would be roaming the street, looking for people of color — because remember stop and frisk is a thing now — to stop before it’s too late and they commit that crime we’re presupposing they will commit. Those same people would also be tasked with administering ideological examinations to the people they’ve rounded-up purely on the basis of their skin color.

Rounding up everyone of a certain race or heritage for interrogation before they’re put in a holding area — camp maybe? — for further “processing.” Where have I heard that before?


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