It is scary this morning. My daughter was in tears as we tried to explain to her what this means and doesn’t mean for her. It broke my heart.

I see the fear in everyone’s writings and my heart breaks more. I’m a mom, y’all. First and foremost, before that whole sarcastic, tough girl writer, I’m really a mushy pile of hugs and love and that’s what you’re gonna get here right now…so just deal with it! Okay?

Most of us are nowhere near accepting the Orange Satan and that is just fine. We don’t have to do that today. We don’t have to do that tomorrow either. All we have to do is get through and live and love and take care of each other.

We are still the same people we were yesterday and the day before. We did everything we could do to elect the person we felt was best for this country. And we lost. Goddammit we lost! Unexpectedly, in a blaze of orange, and now we have to figure out what we do with that.

First, we look around and see each other. We see the same people. We remind ourselves and one another how much we love them. There is nothing, NOTHING we can’t overcome as a united force. I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you. If you need a shoulder, a hand, an ear, I’m in the same place I’ve been.

Next, things generally aren’t as bad as they first seem. I’m not sure yet how true that is in this situation, but it’s a decent rule, and I think we should go with it. Hang on for just two years, and we will block them in the midterms like nothing they’ve ever seen. Record voting. We’ve got this.

Also, it’s much harder to go backwards than to go forwards. So many of the achievements of the past few years will be very difficult to undo. Especially without the cooperation of the court, which currently only has one opening. When you feel afraid, remember Ginsberg. She’s still there fighting.

My god, y’all. I don’t know what these crazy ass racist white folks have gone and done. They bought themselves a huge bottle of snake oil, that’s for damn sure. And I’m ashamed of them. I hate their phobias and their isms that drove them to do this. I don’t know how to fix it or even how to make it better. That’s a job for much better minds than I.

All I’ve got to offer is me. I’m not a whole bunch, really. But I have more love in me than I know what to do with, and I never run out. So if you’re reading this and you feel scared, or nervous, or unsure…you’ve got me in your corner. That’s a start at least.

I promise I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll fight right next to you. And on the days you need it, right in front.

Take my hand. We are united. Nobody can break that.


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