We found this Trump fundraising letter in the trash can at a relative’s house. The fifth grader pays more attention than we realized, and we did have to discuss her use of the word “fuck”…but otherwise, The libertarian husband and I are kinda proud! (Bonus for our Bernie supporting friends. She must be reading James’ stuff when we aren’t looking!)
I thought you hated women!
What? Important?
WTF? How does this affect them?
4 months are left tho
Raising stock market levels rising is now a bad thing?
You have that money
You say you love all Americans, then you say…
And not federal?
And I’ll take healthcare away from millions of Americans and leaving them to die.
Because, fuck it. Make everyone hate us. <Mom’s note: We discussed that use of the “f” word is only acceptable in reference to Donald Trump, and subsequently I accepted most of the blame for my child’s potty mouth. On the plus side, she did use it accurately!>
No, it won’t. Look it up.
No, because you’ll hand jobs to white upper class men.
We are making things better electing Obama!
No actually.
No, it hasn’t.
That sound you hear is pride. And relief that her daddy found that before anyone else!


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