Well, that didn’t take long.

Mother Jones, the same website that brought us Mitt Romney’s now infamous “47%” video from a donor dinner has found some video that Gloria Steinem may wish they hadn’t gone digging for. The video comes from Bernie Sanders’ 1996 Senate re-election campaign, and who should be giving a full-throated endorsement to the Vermont Independent and self-described democratic socialist?

None other than Steinem, that’s who. The video below, from Mother Jones’ YouTube channel is a long one, so you can skip to about the 16:00 mark. There you’ll find Ms. Steinem congratulating Sanders for “surviving the 104th Congress.” She also is seen giving credit to Bernie for being a champion of women’s rights, environmental causes, and LGBT equality.

What’s not mentioned in the video is whether or not Gloria was just there to meet boys, as she implied that young women are supporting Sanders for now on Bill Maher’s HBO show last weekend. Curious. I’d have presumed the first thing out of her mouth would have been like, “Hey, look at all that dizz-nack I can get in me now,” or something like, “Sweet, I can’t wait to sample all that sausage I see in the room today.” Or probably I wouldn’t have assumed that because I’m not a sexist and I’d never presume that anyone of any gender supports a candidate because they think it’ll get them laid.

Now, I’m not going to tell you this 20 year old video shows anything except the absolute folly of Steinem’s initial comments. This video is exactly why she was so mistaken in saying what she did in the first place. Now anyone can sarcastically chide her for supporting him 20 years ago just for a taste of penis. It seems stupid even saying it now, doesn’t it? So maybe now all the angry commenters who told me I’m a misogynist can see why I wrote my initial piece on the subject. It just makes Gloria look silly, foolish, and transparently political, which is a shame because as this video demonstrates, she clearly knows that Bernie is on her side on the issues.

This is probably a really great time to remind everyone who is left-of-center that they’re on the same team, and why comments like the ones Steinem made about millennial women were so stupid and uncalled for. She would have been incensed 40 years ago to be in their position and called politico-whores. I know she’s since apologized (kinda) for the comments, but the damage was already done, and this video here just shows us how far she let herself stoop in the name of political courtship.

If Bernie was a good champion of women’s rights then, he’s a good champion now after another 20 years of it. If he was a great ally for the cause of equality for LGBTQ Americans, he is now 20 years later. I guess Gloria probably knew that, and why she had to resort to such a classless, tactless, illogical and boldly hypocritical line of attack on Maher’s show. It’s a pity, but hopefully now that this video has surfaced, she’ll buy a clue and keep her rhetoric to something of a little more substance.


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