Thank you for joining our group, Modern Liberals Snowflakes – or a contributor to our website/Facebook. You are the reason we are doing this, and you are the reason for its success.

The basic premise of the group is quite simple. We wanted a closed, private space for people to come together and not have to worry about censoring themselves due to the openness of the standard Facebook feed. Also, it allows individuals to share content, open discussions, and interact with one another in a way that is just not possible outside of this environment.

The name of the group is intended to be a light-hearted way to reclaim a pejorative commonly used as an “insult” to liberals. Also, snowflakes are awesome, because no two are exactly alike, and that seems pretty appropriate for political opinions.

The Modern Liberals group is set up to be locked down while remaining friendly and open for legitimate discussion, and that is why we need moderators. Facebook allows us to choose settings, and we decided to make the group private, invitation only, and require approval for each post. This will keep trolls and fake news to a minimum.

Moderation involves weeding out spam submissions, trolls, shitposting, and clickbait.

The following is a list of websites and Facebook pages we do not source or pass along. Some have reputations of exaggerating or passing along blatantly false information for profit. Others are little more than fronts for clickbait, some just blatantly steal content, and/or they are part of a group of page owners who are nasty little bullies. This list is by no means complete, but it should cover the majority of it. If you see links from these domains, please delete them if you are a moderator. If you are a member and you post links or memes from these sources, they will be deleted.

  •  Addicting Info
  •  AmericanNewsX
  •  Attn
  •  BeingLiberal
  •  Bipartisan Report
  •  Cop Block
  •  Crooks and Liars
  •  Daily Kos
  •  Daily News Bin
  •  Elite Daily
  • Forward Progressives
  •  freakoutnation
  •  Girldujour
  •  God
  •  GroopSpeak
  •  Hostile Politics
  •  The Intercept
  •  LiberalAmerica
  • Liberals Unite
  •  Natural News
  • New Century Times
  •  Occupy Democrats
  •  Palmer Report
  •  Politicsususa
  •  RedStateDems
  •  Samuel-Warde
  •  Stop Telling Lies blog
  •  The Free Thought Project
  •  TheEverlastingGOPStoppers
  •  Upworthy
  •  US Uncut
  •  USUncut
  •  Winning Democrats

We also do not tolerate racism or sexism in this group. Please avoid blatant stereotypes, even when discussing conservatives. Fat-shaming is also not allowed, and we ask that if you want to argue, citations are required.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Modern Liberal administrators.



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