Many comedians have noted that this election cycle has made it really easy for us, now more than ever. Doing weekly topical satire songs for the past four years, I’ve had weeks where no big story is trending and I struggle to come up with a good topic. But that problem evaporated as soon as the GOP primary season started – ah, the good old days, with Ben Carson falling asleep, Jeb Bush’s pathetic “please clap,” and Ted Cruz’s machine gun bacon ad.

However, the joy of those days pales in comparison to the current political climate, where it seems every day another Trump scandal emerges, and I could write a song (or eight) a day (if it weren’t for that pesky little problem of needing to earn a living).

Yes, Trump has been a boon for comedians, but my musical mocking isn’t just to amuse fellow-minded liberals. I’ve been shocked since the beginning that anyone even thought Trump would make a competent paperboy, much less President of the United States, and every day he proves that he is disturbingly ill-informed, sociopathically narcissistic, ludicrously thin-skinned, sexist, racist, etc., etc., not to mention having the vocabulary of a 3rd grader and a laughable blindness to his own hypocrisy.

Yes, watching his surrogates try to clean up his latest mess is pretty darned amusing, but the fact that people are still supporting him does prove he’s said at least one true thing, that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters wouldn’t care.

So as long as anyone persists in taking this clown seriously, I consider it my patriotic duty to make as much fun of him as I can. Armed with a flipcam, a youTube account, and a taste for musical lampooning, I’ll do my best to prove there is a reason why there are so many more liberal comedians than conservatives – because making fun of conservatives is both easy and frighteningly necessary!

Case in point – Twitter went nuts recently over a NYTimes report about Trump’s tax avoidance, and inspired by the hashtag of the week, this song practically wrote itself.



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