Mitch McConnell (R-Hypocrisy) made it very clear that the American people would not tolerate anything other than an easy, perfect confirmation process for TrumpleSnowflake’s cabinet. Oh, yeah, and while you’re at it, Democrats, GROW UP. Thanks. I’m pretty sure his hands were on his hips while he was saying this.

The background checks run by the FBI and ethics office have nothing to do with the slowdown. The letter the Director of the Office of Ethics sent was just a fluke, obviously, and all the complaints are actually the fault of Democrats and Obama. Or the ethics office is just trying to do its job. It’s really hard to know. (No, it’s not.)

“The Democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election,” he told CBS’s “Face the Nation,” adding that he was in a similar situation eight years ago when President Obama took office.

“What did we do? We confirmed seven Cabinet appointments the day President Obama was sworn in. We didn’t like most of them, either. But he won the election,” McConnell said. “So all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the White House, but having lost the Senate. I understand that. But we need to, sort of, grow up here and get past that.” (WaPo)

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had a different take. He thinks the Republicans are just trying to ram through their picks as quickly as possible to avoid being thoroughly vetted, and the hearings should be delayed until that occurs. Old Mitch probably considers that whining  and crying, kind of similar to announcing an entire party will not pass anything a new president proposes just because they are dickheads.

“This is not an issue that pits Republicans against Democrats — it pits Republicans against all Americans and an independent ethics agency that is tasked with ensuring the President’s Cabinet follows the law.”

“Until these nominees have fully cooperated with the ethics review process, the hearings and confirmation schedule should not be rushed.” (Politico)

Considering this cabinet has more money than any in history, and therefore more potential for ethical issues, I do not think it is the worst idea they all be vetted thoroughly, just like every other nominee before them. But I’m an accountant. I think the IT department should be financially vetted.

Apparently old Harry the Hypocrite has had an issue with this before. Per Politico:

“It will be up to the Republican majority to decide if they want to reverse what Leader McConnell insisted on for President Obama’s nominees and rush President-elect Trump’s nominees through without an ethics letter,” said Eli Zupnick, a spokesman for Washington Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat on the HELP Committee.

He was referring to a letter Mitch McConnell sent to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in February 2009, asking for both the FBI and the OGE process to be finished before committee chairmen scheduled a hearing.

Wednesday is scheduled to be a very busy day, with five appointees’ hearings, Herr Gropenfuhrer’s first news conference in months, and a marathon budget session that is expected to go late into the night. Mitch McConnell wants us to stand by and let all of this get rammed through, because he forgets Trump doesn’t have a mandate.

Below is the schedule of confirmation hearings as it currently stands.

 Confirmee  Cabinet Position  Time  Date
Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) Attorney General 9:30 AM 1/10/2017
Rex Tillerson Secretary of State 9:00 AM 1/11/2017
Mike Pompeo  (R-Kan) CIA Director 1/11/2017
Betsy DeVos Education Secretary 10:00 AM 1/11/2017
Gen John Kelly Home Security Secretary 3:30 AM 1/10/2017
Elaine Chao Transportation Secretary 10:15 AM 1/11/2017
Wilbur Ross Commerce Secretary 10:00 AM 1/12/2017
Ben Carson HUD Secretary 10:00 AM 1/12/2017
Andy Puzder Labor Secretary 1/12/2017


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