So, this GIF best represents my reaction to seeing that Mitch McConnell genuinely doesn’t think the Democrats should try to block Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

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This turtle-faced motherfucker reveled in obstruction for eight Obama years and now he wants us to believe he believes in putting country before party? Eat shit, Mitch. Besides, the truth is that since 3 million more people voted for Hillary, and about 12 million more people voted for someone other than Trump, if the Democrats do actually obstruct Trump’s pick, they’d actually be closer to serving the will of the people than the Republicans would ever admit to.

Wait. Maybe I’m being too quick to judge. Maybe this is a different Mitch McConnell than I’m thinking of. Maybe there’s another geriatric tortoise in the Senate. We’re not talking about the Senator Mitch McConnell seen in this YouTube video, clearly and unblinkingly saying his Republican Party should do everything in their power to block Obama’s agenda and make him a one term president, right?

Oh, same fuckface then? Okay, moving along then.

This cyclical partisan bullshit might be funny, except that it’s getting old watching the Republicans bounce back and forth between genuine stewards of the Constitution and obstinate dickheads. And it’s just as maddening watching Democrats squander their time as the majority and then be pretty much mealy-mouthed wimps every time we need them to stand up to Republican lunacy. But, since we just turned over a new year, I’ll keep myself on the lighter side of life, and focus on the hilarious hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell complaining about obstructionism.

The thing is, while I get that some might claim that liberals are the hypocrites for choosing to obstruct after eight years of bitching about Republican obstruction, there’s this thing called “context” which the GOP is intentionally avoiding. When Obama was elected in 2009, he was given something Donald Trump wishes he had — a mandate. That mandate came in the form of winning the popular vote convincingly and beating the tar out of John McCain in the Electoral College, but Americans also gave Obama complete control of Congress too, meaning that he was given as blank a check as one could hope for, and that should have signaled to McConnell that he should be willing to compromise with his opposition who had the mandate.

We all know how that turned out in reality, though, don’t we?

The key difference between Republican obstruction of Obama and Democratic obstruction of Trump is, quite simply, the popular vote. That pesky little thing that Republicans are all too quick ignore. They say it doesn’t matter because our elections aren’t decided by the popular vote. No shit, Sherlock. But it’s a damn good indication of how much support a president’s policies will have, and an even better indicator of how many people wanted him to be president in the first place.

Hint: A fuck ton fewer Americans wanted Trump, and all the Electoral College bullshit in the world doesn’t change that.

Mitch McConnell is either ignorant, naive, stupid, or playing a character who is all of those things. How the hell could he expect to do what he did for the last eight years and not expect Democrats to turn right back around and do the same exact things to him? Of course he knew Democrats would do the same thing to him if the roles were ever reversed, and if he didn’t know that, he’s as dumb and out of touch as he seems, maybe more so.

I’m also not really all that interested in hearing right-wingers kvetch about the hypocrisy of the Democrats if they move to obstruction after eight years of bitching about Republicans doing it to Obama. No matter how they obfuscate, the simple truth is that Obama was a more popular president with the approval of far more Americans than Trump. Maybe that’ll change, but for now, what the Republicans did was spend eight years trying to nullify two presidential elections by being childish dicks. What the Democrats are going to try to do is offset the bald faced antidemocratic Electoral College with good old fashioned parliamentary games.

But in the interest of fairness, I’ll retroactively rescind every joke and insult I slung at the Republicans while they practiced their obstruction. I know now, looking up a colon into the Trump presidency, what they were thinking and feeling when Obama was elected. The difference of course is that Obama is a highly-educated, well-spoken, empathetic, experienced, professional man and Trump is a self-serving oligarch whose best asset to the American people is his advanced age and, um, health and stamina, if you can call them that.

You don’t think the American people will abide Democratic obstruction, Mitch McConnell? You don’t really understand how to count votes, do you? Here’s a clue: the one that gets the least number of votes is the least popular one, Electoral College bullshit notwithstanding. I’d say the majority of Americans will enjoy watching you sputter, stammer and ultimately waste this fleeting moment in time you’ve been given, because the mid-terms are coming Mitch, and the election may have just kicked over a hornet’s nest of angry, anxious liberals.

You’re fucked, Mitch. Obstruct that.

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