Just in case The Donald’s antics have distracted you from other news stories, and how could they not, this is your friendly reminder that his buddy Mike Pence is still a complete dumpster fire himself.

This guy is not the brightest bulb ever, and even aside from his terrifying policies, he makes a horrible candidate.

While campaigning in Columbus, OH, Mike Pence was asked a question by an eleven year old young lady.


Absolutely stellar job there, Mike! When a tween girl has self-esteem issues, the answer is always ISIS. That’s in the parenting handbook, right after “let them drive drunk, it’ll teach them” and before “go ahead and skip school, what fun!”

If Mike Pence had half a shred of decency in his body, I might be able to work up an itsy bit of sympathy for him…but no. He’s just as bad as his running mate, just more pathological about it.

Later at a rally in Newton, Iowa, Pence was confronted by a typical Trumpster. She asked, “I’ve been on social media every day, all day, non-stop, since last June, you know, pushing Trump. And one of the biggest things that I can tell you a lot of us are scared of is voter fraud. Our lives depend on this election. Our kids’ futures depend on this election. And I will tell you, just for me, and I don’t want this to happen, but I will tell you, for me, personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I, myself, I’m ready for a revolution, because we can’t have her in.” (I also feel compelled to point out here there is an entire #CodeRed movement for Trump supporters to wear red on Election Day. Somehow this is going to force the media to recognize they exist and thus prevent election fraud.)

Genius responded, “Yeah, you don’t, no—don’t say that. There’s a revolution coming on November 8th, I promise you.” He then reviewed the many steps he’s taken over the years to combat this pervasive yet nonexistent problem, and encouraged the attendees to stay alert and involved. (Source)

He’s in so far over his head, he’s drowning, and I’m not sure he even realizes it.

He spent yesterday at Liberty University, home of Jerry Fallwell Jr., boring the 10,000 mandatory students there to death as well.

He brought the crowd to its feet when promising to curb abortion rights — though the 10,000 students required to attend the convocation address seemed slightly less enthused by his talk of lowering the corporate tax rate.
Pence led the students through his personal journey to Jesus Christ and said his Christian faith was precisely why he was able to stick with Trump after a 2005 video emerged of Trump bragging about getting away with sexual assault because of his celebrity. (Source)

Sweet Baby Jeebus. Who on his staff is in charge of this stuff? A Bond villain? I guarantee there were about twenty people in that group who actually understood what he meant about the tax, and only two who cared even an iota.

The rest of the time was typical Evangelical pandering, summed up best as: abortion bad, overturn Roe v Wade, Hillary Satan, me Christian, Supreme Court, Wikileaks, Supreme Court, pray with me, Supreme Court, God forgives Republicans, and Supreme Court.

The reaction from the students gives a bit of hope for the future, though.

When a university official said that Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was replacing Tim Tebow as a convocation speaker next week, a large number of students broke out in cheers.

Apparently even the totally sheltered college kids aren’t buying Mike’s bullshit. Good. Neither is America.


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