Dear America,

Wake. The. Fuck. Up. People are using social media for mob justice against people they don’t agree with politically, and they’re getting prominent liberals fired for old, clearly joking tweets.

Gloriously stupid people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Mike Thernovich Cernovich are now weaponizing social media to attack famous liberals. Most recently, the same arrogant, lie peddling dipshit Cernovich helped spearhead a campaign that got writer/director James Gunn canned from the next installment of his “Guardians of the Galaxy” film franchise by digging up tweets Gunn wrote almost a decade ago, and using them to imply Gunn supports pedophilia. It was a laughable assertion from the guy who legitimately thinks there is a deep state conspiracy to get Trump elected so they could pull a coup on Trump. The same guy who thinks a pedophile ring is being run in pizza restaurant just helped a mob of ignorant, asshole conservatives convince Disney to dump gun over the tweets.

To be fair to all parties, Gunn recognized the tweets were problematic, even though they were to every outside observer with an IQ north of their shoe size and without a gross obsession with “exposing” the pedophilia of the left just meant as edgy jokes. He apologized for them, and even gave an insane amount of context to his reasoning at the time in trying to be a “provocateur.” He himself said he failed in his endeavors with his tweets to be as edgy or thought provoking as he wanted to be, but again, as “out there” as the tweets Gunn wrote were in terms of the comedic subject matter, they were truly, undeniably jokes.

And now Disney has fired a guy who wrote and directed the previous two installments of a wildly popular film franchise because they kowtowed to people who deserve no such power. Does Disney not realize how many millions of people aren’t on Cernovich’s side? I’m not going to defend Gunn’s jokes, but as a comedian I will fucking fight to my last breath for ANY comedian to have the chance to continue to make jokes. Some jokes kill, others bomb, but what Mike “Pizzagate” Cernovich did was to create controversy and then shove it at Disney’s doorstep, and Disney gave quarter to the worst people ever.

Disney is especially gross for this decision because, as has been pointed out elsewhere, they had John Lassiter and Johnny Depp both working for them for over a decade, and each man had been accused of sexual improprieties and abuse themselves. Lassiter is just now being forced to resign in disgrace. Gunn had the maturity to address the tweets head on, and to apologize for them and say they don’t represent who he is now. That is the literal definition of growth, and he showed it, but Disney is instead going to reward the people who attacked him for tweets that they didn’t have to own, they didn’t have to defend.

But corporate cowardice isn’t anything new, and it’s why it chokes the life out of so much art anyway. The real, true villain in this bullshit is Thernovich. He’s the asshole hypocrite at the center of the movement that got Gunn fired, and he deserves to be ripped from pillar to post for this egregious hypocrisy.

Remember how that loony fuck went into Comet Pizza in D.C. and shot the place up because he thought there was an actual pedophile ring it? Yeah, Cernovich was the main guy pushing that nonsense, and he nearly got someone killed. But that’s the guy that Disney trusts to be a judge of good character. In fact, what Cernovich and the right engaged in is nothing short of libel, slander, and defamation of character. Yes, they were Gunn’s own tweets, but they twisted and manipulated them out of context to create a narrative about him that his wholly untrue. That is the literal definition of defamation of character, and I genuinely hope Gunn pursues charges against Cernovich for this.

And if Dumbfuck Mike wants to start lecturing people on tweets and comments he shouldn’t make, let’s go there. Let’s really dig up all the horrible stuff he’s said that isn’t even done under the guise of comedy, shall we?

That screen captured tweet about rape? Yeah, that’s a very famous, very real tweet of Mike’s. And he’s lecturing James Gunn on twitter jokes.

Just to put a bow on it, Cernovich is a devout conservative and Trump supporter. Yes, that’s right, you heard it, a Trump supporter is going around finding JOKE TWEETS from people and using the old tweets to get prominent liberals fired but he has zero problem with an avowed sexual predator being in the Oval Office. The man supports the Pussy Grabber in Chief but wants to lecture Hollywood about their content? Get fucked, Mike.

Honestly — fuck Mike Cernovich, and fuck Disney. This is how thought police works. This is how fascism takes root. As an annual pass holder for a Disney park and a longtime fan of so much of their work, it gives me incredible pause to think about supporting a company that would fire someone who has made them hundreds of millions of dollars because he made a few off color jokes that bad faith acting conspiracy fuckwits weaponized against him.

This country is in a really dumb place right now.

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