Am I, a Bernie Sanders fan going to gloat a little, teeny, tiny bit about Michigan? Well…

Mayyyyyyyybe a little…

Look, it’s only because I was told so many times by so many self-assured people that after tonight he’d be toast that I’m letting Pee-Wee do the Tequila Dance. In no way does Bernie winning Michigan mean this primary is anywhere near over. But it sure as hell means we Bernie supporters who have been told to pack it in because the Hillary train was already running us over on the way to Inevitable Town have reason to do our own version of the Tequila Dance, and no spin about delegate split will be able to stop the good vibes, not tonight.

This is how it feels to beat back an epic “I Told You So” moment.

Alright, enough with the movie clip references to how I feel right now. Obviously, it feels good as a Sanders Supporter to see that hope springs eternal, as it were. It’s fantastic to feel like games still last all nine innings. As good as it feels to see the window of hope for Bernie stay open just a little while longer, it doesn’t mean he’s now the fated next president either. Trump just won both Mississippi and Michigan, and there’s still a hell of a lot of primary left for Sanders to get through.

Barring any more major upsets, Bernie still has one hell of a mountain left to climb. But fuck all that shit for one night at least. Sanders supporters should revel in the fact that polls can’t predict everything, and that if even for just one night they figured out how to beat the establishment and score one for a guy whose primary goal is to give us back as much of our government as he can wrestle away from the corruption of corporate influence.

As good as we Bernie fans feel right now, it’s probably cool if we remember that we’ll need Hillary’s supporters in November to make sure we obliterate Trump or Trump and whoever the Republicans run. If by some miracle the GOP resolves its Civil War  before the convention and Trump doesn’t run, Sanders should be able to beat any GOP challenger, but as Michigan literally just proved, anything is possible.

What I know for sure is that there are a lot of pissed off people who think the party power elites are due for a little ear flicking right now. That, to me, is radness. One party is hopelessly stuck in social war fights that are decades old and economic policies that rely on voodoo and belief in mythology to work. The other has a heart of gold but can’t get out of Wall Street’s pockets long enough to help the people.

Even if Bern-Doggy Dogg wins the whole thing in November, people better be ready for a hell of a fight with Congress if they don’t give him some people to work with. Hopefully, too, Bernie will be able to convince us his policies will get reforms instituted without completely turning other elements of our lives into chaos, like tearing down the ACA too quickly or at all. Like my own lord and personal Force guide Yoda once said about the future…”It’s like, cloudy and shit, dude.” Or something like that.

But you know, all that can be hammered out later. Right now, I just want to feel the good vibes, maaaaaan.



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