Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, I’m reminded by liberals why some people say they hate liberals. Case in point: Megyn Kelly’s interview of InfoWars’ chief fuckwit Alex Jones. My fellow libtards have been in an absolute fucking lather over NBC airing Kelly’s interview with the tinfoil hat wearing “performance artist.”

Right now, the uber-PC left is frothing, foaming at the mouth trying to convince NBC to ditch the interview. I’ve even seen some calls to have Kelly fired for, basically, doing her job. You or I might not like who she interviews, but just please, stop and think for a second what the reaction would be if a bunch of mouth-breathing Trump lovers tried to get Shep Smith fired from Fox News because he dared to interview Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell.

That I’m comparing the rantings and lunatic bullshit of Jones’ shtick to Maddow or O’Donnell, who are actual, real journalists. I’m just saying that, like it or not, there are people who believe and buy into Alex’s utter and complete bullshit. And more importantly, you don’t solve anything, you don’t disabuse people of their lunacy or bigotry by ignoring the champions of it; you do those things by exposing it. Sunlight in the best disinfectant and all that.

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There was a great piece on The Huffington Post about how the left is teetering toward censorship with this Megyn Kelly interview, and I agree whole heartedly.

In the piece, parallels are drawn between the outrage on the right over a theater group in New York putting on “Julius Caesar” and casting the assassinated, titular character as a Trump-alike. And if you find yourself laughing at the right for freaking out about that issue, then you might want to examine your hand-wringing over Jones being interviewed by Kelly.

Unless it’s a completely fluff, softball interview, let Megyn do her job. Yes she helped stoke racist ignorance on Fox News for years. Yes a super-cut of all of her best/worst moments on that show should bring her enormous amounts of personal and professional shame. But, seriously, lighten the fuck up, fellow liberals, will you?

There’s a phrase that often gets attributed to Mark Twain, and it goes something like, “If you don’t people to know you’re a fuckwit, keep your stupid mouth shut,” or you know something like that. Sometimes, journalists have to help stupid people expose themselves as stupid. Believe it or not, there might be people who consider themselves fans of Alex Jones who don’t know what an utter kook he is, or the depths of depraved, cynical exploitation he sunk to when he accused Sandy Hook victims of faking their own kids’ deaths. Kelly’s interview could help expose those fans of his to the real disgusting side of Jones.

But it’s not even about his fans, really, it’s about the rest of us.

We need to not be afraid to hear terrible people saying horrible shit. You don’t have to condone his buffoonery to listen to it. And here’s the thing — listening to his rantings will actually better arm you to argue and debate with people who think like him.

Fascism and censorship are not liberal qualities, at all. The ACLU is supposed to be a liberal organization, right? So do you think they’d want to stifle Alex Jones’ interview from running? Of course not. Jones has, whether we want to feel good about it or not, a right to say what he wants. NBC doesn’t have to give him a platform, sure, but here’s a thought on platforms.

Ask the people who conspired to kill Abe Lincoln how they feel about platforms.

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The point is, that what someone says or does when given a platform to speak is what’s important. Should David Frost not have interviewed Richard Nixon because Nixon was such a vulgar authoritarian? Should people have not interviewed Osama Bin Laden if he was willing to give one? If you’re worried about not being used for propaganda, then don’t let fucking propaganda out over your airwaves by way of your interview. Non-existent problem solved.

While we’re at it — let’s stop freaking out when Milo Stupidfuckingmoronface or Ann KKKoulter get booked to give a speech, okay? Whatever happened to letting someone speak so that you can eviscerate their stupid argument? I’m all for punching Nazis and all that shit, but just letting a knuckle-dragging stalwart defender of stupidity talk doesn’t cost society a damn thing, and could save us some strife and conflict later when our opponents realize we’re not trying to just keep them from talking.

So, yes, Alex Jones is a deluded and dangerous psychopath, and NBC should still totally air its interview with him. The Lord Thy God gave you remote controls for a reason, didn’t he?


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