When I grow up, I want to be Meryl Streep.

Not that her beautiful speech will remove the acid from my stuff, but it sure is inspiring seeing Meryl do what makes conservatives so irate about we “libtarded artisitcal” types — resisting their silliness — with so much class, dignity and elegance. It made me realize we probably should have taken a hard look at running Meryl as Hillary’s Veep at the very least…I also love Ms. Streep so very much right now because in addition to making a truly eloquent and beautiful defense of left-leaning artists, immigrants, the disabled, and so many people who truly are “real” Americans — she triggered Meghan McCain into such basic “Republican Flapping Maw Trump Loyalty” mode that she tweeted out this bullshit:

I couldn’t resist it, so I tweeted her my reply:


Manny hit Meghan’s mom with a pretty good comeback too.

Honestly, how can Meghan claim to be anything but a right-wing hack at this point? There is literally nothing in Streep’s speech that wasn’t true — Donald Trump got elected by putting on a show of chest-thumping white supremacy, thinly veiled in a populist message, and he mocked a disabled reporter. Sure, we’ve seen the excuse that he mocks people like that all the time, but all it means is that he thinks mocking people by implying they’re disabled is funny. So it’s pretty much the same fucking complaint.

Meghan’s bald faced self-deluded ignorance led to her tweet attack on Streep, which showed us a willingness to sell her own father down the road.

My tweet to her was mocking the fact that last July Trump insulted Meghan’s dad, Senator John McCain, because he had been captured in combat. Seriously, Trump said that he likes “people who aren’t captured”because at that point in the campaign Sen. McCain hadn’t swallowed his own scruples — hey, maybe that’s where his daughter gets it? — and endorsed Trump yet. So to Donald, McCain was worthy of insult, because that’s how grown-up Trump is.

As reported by Politico:

Appearing on Saturday at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, the real estate mogul took his running feud with Arizona Sen. John McCain to a new level.

“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” (source)

I’m truly baffled why Meghan would throw her dad under the bus to defend Trump when all Streep was saying was that Trump is an obnoxious bully…which he is. This is his appeal to many, many on the right. We libtarded beta male cucks have been told time and again since Election Day that a big reason why Trump won was because they all loved Trump because he “told it like it is.”

Well, someone should tell Meghan that Streep was telling it like it is. For someone who professes to love free speech, she sure doesn’t seem to love it when her  precious conservative ideology is attacked. But the really odd part is that Ms. Streep didn’t even really go after Republicans or conservatives, and though she went after Trump she did it with so much class that she didn’t even call him out by name.

Doesn’t Meghan call herself a Christian? Isn’t one of the Ten Commandments to honor thy father and mother? If so, it’s not really paying much honor to her father to defend his bully, right? I’d really love for Meghan to spell out in more than 140 characters exactly what she and other conservatives find so truly offensive about Streep calling Trump out for mocking the disabled. I’d like to know why Meghan is so horribly wounded by Meryl reminding us that we’re a nation of immigrants, something that growing up in a Republican household in the 1980’s and 1990’s I heard all the damn time as a source of pride for the entire nation.

If I may venture a guess, I think I know why Meghan is so quick to defend Trump, and it rhymes with Cock Snooze.

Meghan was recently hired on full-time to the Fox News network. Fox has positioned itself as the Trump TV network. With the departure of Meghan Kelly and Greta Van Susteren — two journalists who worked for Fox that might be tempted to report on Trump with any kind of honesty — that position is even stronger. Something tells me there’s an edict from high atop Bullshit Mountain that came down telling everyone who has a public audience they better not slag Trump off or they’ll get the boot. That’s literally the only explanation I have for why anyone would let their own father be trashed by such a demagogue and buffoon like Meghan did, and then jump to that idiot’s defense when someone righteously criticizes him for it.

So I want to know how much it is that Fox gave Meghan. Because that is the price tag she puts on her principles. I wonder if we offered Meghan her Fox News salary plus one dollar if she’d then suddenly remember what a douche knuckle Trump is and apologize to Meryl Streep. I have a feeling she wouldn’t, but you never know. Morally fluid conservatives can surprise you sometimes.

Like when they defend their own father’s orange-tinted bully only because of who her current employer is.

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