In order to prove the Trump Train’s claim that there is a liberal bias in the media, I decided to go on a masochistic search of news outlets that are obviously slanted.
Fox News:
This is the home of Todd Starnes and his permanent case of Snopes Christian Persecution, who is currently extoling the virtues of Chick-fil-A, which I understand, but he cannot resist the opportunity to bash all radical, hateful, horrible left-wing libruhls in the process. (While he talks about Christian love, no less.)
The current articles on the Orlando tragedy include: “So what if Orlando terrorist was gay? Motives don’t matter when terrorists are shooting”.
My favorite trending video is Lou Dobbs: “Speaker Ryan is a Tool for the Democrats”.
Fair and Balanced. Uh huh.
Breitbart: On a story regarding the NRA
I’m not going to waste time here on the bullshit propaganda we all hear on a daily basis. This site is one step above The National Enquirer. I thought it would be more fun to post some comments instead.

When Trump is elected I would not be surprised if he made the announcement that another Terrorist attack on America will result in Mecca becoming so radioactive there won’t be a pilgrimage for 30,000 years.
Outreach to muslims is fine, as long as we can reach out at approx. 3200 fps
I am going out this very afternoon and pick up an AR-15.. I’m going to paint ” no, f— you, Emmy Bengtson” on the stock and send her a picture of it when I’m finished, exercising both the first AND second amendment rights at the same time.. snort
The Right democrat needs to DIE senselessly for the democrats to understand. The Orlando Gay community didn’t do it.
We The People will let you do ALL the outreach to muslims that you can possibly stand after we ship your asses to Afghanistan. How’s that suit you… It’s a win-win wouldn’t you say…

GAWD, I need a bath. I just can’t do anymore. I can’t.

The first story I clicked on contained the line: “One noxious leftwing twit…” That’s some unbiased journalism. High class, too.
This is also the home of Steven Crowder, a fine and upstanding Christian comedian who was fired from Fox News for being TOO conservative, and for getting busted breaking one the Ten Commandments (lying), except it was to the police, and things got pretty freaking hairy. He’s into martial arts, making fun of women, and tweeting really nasty things at totally inappropriate times. My most recent favorite is this one, during the height of the Brock Turner controversy:
I’d love to include National Review, but frankly, they’ve been banned, too.
We can all rest easy tonight knowing that no matter how many news sources the presumptive Republican nominee bans from his events for being liberally biased, we will always have these “nonbiased” sources to give us the truth.
Welcome to Fascist TrumpLand boys and girls. The scariest part of this is all the Trump supporters seem to think this is just fabulous. You know, the same ones who stand with hate speech? Who get angry at having to be “Politically Correct”? Yeah, those folks. One and the same. Bless their uneducated and hypocritical hearts. Screw the First Amendment. Save the Second!


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