As More Companies Dump Trump, Reality Is Hard To Deny

In the mind of Donald Trump, most people love him. His ego will not allow him to believe anything else. He derides as losers the few people he cannot deny that hate him. Any stories about his low popularity he dismisses as fake news. He did make a fair claim that perhaps polls aren’t reliable. However, there is an extremely reliable indicator of popularity that the alleged billionaire is ignoring: market forces.

The Majority Controls The Market

Republicans often talk about market forces in relation to things that should not be discussed in capitalist terms. such as health care and education. Perhaps if they paid more attention to things that capitalism is appropriate for, such as retail, they would be able to face reality. Major U.S. companies are either voicing strong opposition to The Donald, cutting business ties, or trying to appeal to the anti-Trump movement through pointedly liberal advertising.

Trump lashes out with attacks against these companies. His supporters say they’ll boycott. They don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what he says or whether or not they give these companies their money. They are not the majority. There is more to gain from opposing Trump than in not offending his supporters.

This would not be the case if Trump were truly loved by the majority. This is why he is going to Melbourne, Florida this weekend. Brevard County is very conservative and he desperately needs a friendly crowd instead of protesters like he had last weekend.

Market forces decide who these companies try to appeal to. There is a much larger market of people against Trump. Of course, this has been obvious to most of us. Trump and his supporters don’t live in reality though and truly believe they outnumber the opposition. His supporters believe their boycotts make a difference, but they don’t. The threat of a boycott from the Trump opposition is enough for these companies to want to cut ties. That’s how large the opposition is, it controls the market.

While polls may be faulty, but money talks and the money is clearly in┬áthe opposition. That’s the reality that’s getting harder for The Donald and his cult to deny.


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