You gotta hand it to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). He is willing to ask for help when he thinks he needs it, and recently he must have felt like he just wasn’t quite being as bigoted as he possibly could be, because he announced last weekend in a press release that he was forming “Marco Rubio’s Marriage & Family Advisory Board,” which is Republican for “Evangelical Christians who have a sad over the gays being so uppity and demanding equality under the law.”

The press release gives Rubio’s reasons for wanting to create a special group, solely dedicated to helping him help gay people…back into the closet.

Marco believes the family is the most important institution in society. He understands that in a vibrant culture of marriage and family everyone benefits, but in a culture where the importance of families is neglected all sorts of problems result. You cannot have a strong nation without strong people, and you cannot have strong people without strong values. Right and wrong. Good and bad. That is learned from your values instilled in you in the family. It is irreplaceable. (source)

Hey, at least the press release wasn’t sent in triplicate, Marco.

What I always want to ask people like Rubio is, “What about families with same-sex parents?” Is Marco’s vision for the country that he’d send around cops to break up families with gay parents? I mean, that’s the thing that conservatives never really talk about — how they’d enforce their arcane bullshit on us.

Is he just going to wave his magic president pen if he wins and declare all same sex marriages illegal? He can’t do that. That’s a gross overstep of constitutional powers. Even if Congress drafts, passes and gives him legislation to sign that makes gay marriage illegal from that day forward, what happens to the families that are built on gay marriages?

He doesn’t care, is the answer.

He doesn’t care, his party doesn’t care, and their voters don’t care. They just have to win the culture war, otherwise God and Jesus will get mad us and kill us all…which they say is going to happen anyway even in the best of scenarios, so I’m not really sure what God’s leverage is there, but that’s a discussion for another time. Conservatives simply do not care what happens to the families they’d destroy if they made homosexual coupling illegal again. It’s about as logical as self-deportation. These are ideas that sound great to people who don’t think things all the way through, but they fall apart under any real scrutiny.

They’d have to direct law enforcement resources to finding and breaking up LGBT families and marriages. They’d have to establish legal punishments for getting gay married, unless they think the punishment of being locked out of society is enough…and I’m sure they would not feel that was enough. So what’s the point of Marco’s group, since they’ll never be able to roll back gay marriage, just like they’ll never be able to roll back Roe Vs. Wade?

I think it’s just money. His group is another place that people can give him — er I mean his group — money.

He has to be seeing it as a good backup to his presidential campaign, Since it’s currently going nowhere and fast. A loss in South Carolina and Nevada would signal he’s done, and since he’s not running for reelection to his Senate seat, maybe his little anti-LGBT group will become his main gig. Then, he can take money that he’d otherwise dump into a campaign coffer, and dump it into helping other bigots get elected and to write bigoted laws.

All I know is this: People who aren’t bigots don’t start groups specifically to achieve a bigoted result. Bigots do that stuff. Marco Rubio started a bigoted group aimed at a bigoted goal.

So…what does that say about Marco Rubio, do you think?


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