“Ladies’ Man” Donald Trump sent his Number One, Paul Manafort, over to MSNBC the other day to ‘splain to us womenz why we need to vote for him. Seems us ladies have a serious problem with our Coach pocketbooks, and it’s all Shillery’s fault of course! “The Establishment” has rigged everything to suppress our menfolks’ paychecks, and now we can’t buy ourselves baubles and pretties and might even have to order the cheap wine at brunch. Gawd dammit!
Surprise! Even when I’m bleeding outta my wherever, I can buy my own tampons. My man’s biggest problem is how quick to duck when he says something stupid, although thanks to the Republicans this year, the bar keeps getting lower. Guess what? You don’t have to treat women like shit Mr. Manafort. Quit listening to your boss. (His record speaks for itself. BAD!)
I guess Mr. Manafort was too busy between his super secret flights to the Kremlin to actually open his beady eyes and notice this is 2016 and not 1956, and lotsa womenz are not only bringing home some bacon, but we are also out-baconing a lot of menfolk, frying it up and serving it, then using the pan to try and knock some sense into dumb Mayberry Motherfuckers like Paul. Hey Paul, we can buy our own shit, thank you very much!
Chris Matthews tried to help a brother out, but he wasn’t having it.

MANAFORT: Many women in this country feel they can’t afford their lives. Their husbands can’t afford paying for the family bills. Hillary Clinton is guilty of being part of the establishment that created that problem.They’re going to hear the message. And as they hear the message, that’s how we’re going to appeal to them.

MATTHEWS: You know what you just said, however. You said women are concerned about their husbands’ income.

MANAFORT: I can speak personally to that.

MATTHEWS: Is that the 21st century talking? That’s their big concern? How their husband’s doing at work?

MANAFORT: Because they can’t afford their lives anymore. That’s the point.

Obviously it’s us educated libtards who have been duped by the crooked mainstream media into thinking we can do for ourselves who are the real problem. Our daddies taught us girlie girls we could be anything we wanted to be, so we pulled up our Prada-straps and did, just like those Conservatives said we should, and now they are saying we shouldn’t and that’s why it’s RIGGED! and we should get out and vote for Trump. Because that totally makes all the sense in the world!

So why does Trump’s First Flunky think women all rely on men for everything? Well, Trump has a bit of a history here, as Slate notes:
Women labor under a cloud of Trump’s distrust. “I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye—or perhaps another body part,” he wrote in Trump: The Art of the Comeback. Working moms are particularly lacking in loyalty, he believes, and thus do not make for good employees. “She’s not giving me 100 percent. She’s giving me 84 percent, and 16 percent is going towards taking care of children,” he told Mika Brzezinski. (Further evidence of his dim view of working moms: Trump once notoriously blurted that the pumping of breast milk in the office is “disgusting.”)
While these misogynistic old bastards are trying to relive their glory days of yester-century, the rest of us will be progressing right along and breaking a few more glass ceilings. Try to keep your hands off our asses while we do it, Boomer Boys.


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