Oh the irony! The same folks who bitch and moan that the problem with today’s kids is we have taken the lord out of the classroom just voted in Trump, a fragile bully that I have to constantly censor when my child is around.

Obviously the days of presidents acting as role models are over. Way over. Unless your goal is to be a lying, bullying, deceitful narcissist like Trump who cannot handle the slightest criticism, take responsibility for any of your own actions, think you are above the law, in which case this does not apply to you. However, you will need to inherit a holy shit ton of money to even begin to pull it off.



Now the same folks are reminding us exactly what is wrong with society today. Whatever would we do without their grammatically challenged wisdom?

Never mind that fifty years of research shows that spanking is not only ineffective, but is also “more likely [to cause children] to defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.” Science is such a little bitch, especially when it doesn’t fit the preferred narrative.

As for soap, I managed to escape this one growing up. But many consider it child abuse, or at the very least an unnecessarily harsh and dangerous practice.

According to the Illinois Poison Center, soap may cause irritation to the stomach or intestines if swallowed. However, hand and body soaps are minimally toxic in very small quantities, such as when someone licks or tastes a bar of soap. Nausea and intestinal upset are the most common symptoms. (reference.com)

Why anyone would intentionally take such chances is beyond me.

Exactly how again is child abuse supposed to teach respect? I believe these people are confusing it with fear and submission to authoritarian parents. Instilling fear is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It is possible to raise healthy, obedient, respectful children without spanking and yelling and violence.

Fear and healthy long-term development just don’t play well together. As a behavior modification tool, fear may be pretty effective in the short run, but the costs are just too high. Fear in childhood creates stress, insecurity, anxiety, and a host of other psychological, emotional, and physical problems later in life. Plus, when children who live in fear become parents, they use fear on their own children. (psych today)

We are expected to evolve as new evidence is presented. The problem with ideas such as the one represented here is there is no acknowledgement of scientific advancement. There is nothing wrong with trying new and different techniques to see if they are at least as or more effective. Most of this attitude, “spare the rod and spoil the child”, comes from the Bible.

I have news for you, Trumpsters. Blaming those of us who choose to raise our children differently is a cop-out. Once you combine that with electing a man who must be censored when young children are present, you lose any standing you might have had. The man who is about to be the most powerful in the world is not suitable to be looked up to. He is not even appropriate for discussion as an average individual. I literally have to tell my child, “This man is horrific. Do not do anything he does. He is not a person you should aspire to be.”

I feel the same way about those who have overtly supported Trump then complain about kids today. I do not want to hear it. Compared to the next president and his cabinet, and most of his party, today’s children are just fine. Not getting spanked and perhaps receiving a participation trophy now and again are not their biggest problems.

Jr. Trumpsters are bombarded with ideas that political correctness is bad, it’s okay to discriminate against and judge people with whom you disagree, racism is just fine as long as you call it “alt-right”, and libtards have mental illnesses. Having parents who are insanely hypocritical and are sending such mixed messages could be the worst part, however.

Y’all have enough problems, so quit worrying about the rest of it. Bless your shriveled up hearts.


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