This election season and the first few weeks of the new administration have been an utter shitshow of epic proportions. The media has struggled mightily to keep up. In some cases, they concentrated on the wrong stories (i.e. The New York Times with The Clinton Foundation), or in others they just did not dig deeply enough (i.e. Pretty much everyone with Most Trump Stories). Whether any of this would have made a difference to the outcome is purely academic now. In most cases, it is likely by the time the outlets took Trump seriously as a candidate, they were overwhelmed with the volume of information coming out.

There were some surprising stars, however. David Fahrenthold at The Washington Post has been discussed as a possibility for a Pulitzer for his investigative journalism.  And Teen Vogue has hit hard with multiple in-depth pieces.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a list of great articles from women’s magazines on Twitter last night. H/T to Lily Herman for the original eight, to which I have added a few of my own. I had read about half of these over the last six months, but I never really thought about where they originated. Blame digital media and just overwhelming amounts of information I was attempting to absorb.

1. Cosmopolitan: KellyAnne Conway tried to convince everyone her comments about the entirely fictional Bowling Green massacre were “misstatements,” but she had made them before. That MSNBC Interview Was Not the First Time Kellyanne Conway Referred to the “Bowling Green Massacre

2. Cosmopolitan: The Ivanka Trump interview where Ivanka freaked out and left. Ivanka Trump on Her Father’s New Child Care and Maternity Leave Policy

3. Marie Claire: When some of the Rockette’s expressed concern about performing for the inauguration.  A Rockette Speaks Out and Rockette Management Tells Dancers to “Tolerate Intolerance

4. Elle Magazine in collaboration with ProPublica: “A national effort to collect and verify incidents of hate crimes.” Report a Hate Crime Here

5. Teen Vogue: An in-depth explanation of Trump’s rise to the presidency Donald Trump is Gaslighting America

6. Vanity Fair: Arguably the best restaurant review ever written Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America

7. Essence The Woman’s Word: The “suspicious pattern of sidelining Black female anchors” Tamron Hall’s Departure Is The Latest Example Of NBC’s Volatile Relationship With Black Women

8. Vogue Magazine: Projection, projection, projection. 5 Things Donald Trump Attacked Hillary Clinton Over—But Is Currently Doing Himself

9. Teen Vogue: Excellent explanation of the abortion bills in Ohio Governor John Kasich Signs 20-Week Abortion Ban, Rejects “Heartbeat Bill

10. Teen Vogue: Annotated, in-depth look at Mike Pence’s Record Mike Pence’s Record on Reproductive and LGBTQ Rights Is Seriously Concerning

It says a lot about our culture that we are still surprised when women’s media takes on serious issues in politics. Men’s magazines, including Playboy and GQ, have been doing it for years. However, it goes back to our history, when only a few decades ago the Lifestyle section was women’s “news”. Business and politics was always more for the men. But times are changing, and all you have to do is check the politics section of one of these “girls’ magazines” to know that is true.



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