I think it would behoove us to have a basic understanding of the “science” the Family Research Council Hate Group is spreading regarding transgender persons. This 42-page document is the bible of the Evangelicals. Now, personally, I have tried to make the argument that when you get the flu or cancer, do you refer to Science or the FRC? But logic is a complete waste of time with these folks.
Since education is not working for the Social Conservatives, maybe it will benefit us to familiarize ourselves with their side. Not just the Biblical arguments, because we have run those into the ground…but the actual cherry-picked, skewed, jacked-up whackadoodle crap these folks are passing off as “science” and using to justify their Target boycotts, federal lawsuits, and general mass hysteria in the name of Christian Persecution.
From Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement

Transgender activists, following the example of the homosexual activists in the 1970’s, have
objected to having their condition labeled a “disorder.” They successfully lobbied the American
Psychiatric Association to have the diagnosis of “Gender Identity Disorder” (GID) changed to
“Gender Dysphoria.”
Consequentially, the revised language in the APA’s 2013 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-
5) says, “Gender dysphoria refers to the distress that may accompany the incongruence between
one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender.” But, to avoid the stigma
transgender activists say they wish to discourage, why not simply remove the diagnosis from
the DSM altogether, as was done with homosexuality? The APA says, “To get insurance
coverage for the medical treatments, individuals need a diagnosis.”

Because the APA can totally be bought by lobbyists. And insurance companies have no power compared to those “transgender activists”. Goddamn bullies!

GID in children is easily recognized and treatable. Kenneth J. Zucker and Susan J. Bradley, two
of the world’s leading experts in GID in children, have declared:
It has been our experience that a sizable number of children and families achieve a great
deal of change. In these cases, the gender identity disorder resolves fully, and nothing in
the children’s behavior or fantasy suggest that gender identity issues remain
problematic. . . . [W]e take the position that in such cases clinicians should be optimistic,
not nihilistic, about the possibility of helping the children to become more secure in their
gender identity.23
Marc S. Dillworth, Ph.D., has described a treatment model for boys which includes the
following elements:

  1. Encourage Father/Son Bonding

  2. Mother’s Distancing Themselves and Affirming Father’s Masculinity

  3. Extinguishing Feminine Behavior and Play

  4. Positive Encouragement for Gender-Appropriate Behavior

  5. Encouraging Same-Sex Friends, Play, and Activities.

They basically found two controversial Canadian doctors who support conversion therapy. One has been forced to shut down his practice. I’m sure that has NOTHING to do with blaming the mother’s involvement. Holy shit, we all know spending too much time with women will turn boys gay! They might play with Barbie dolls, too. GAWD! Watch out, Ken; you’re next!

Another common transsexual pattern describes men who showed no evidence of GID as boys,
but whose mothers were emotionally unavailable. In adolescence these boys began to
masturbate while wearing women’s clothing and looking at themselves in the mirror. They
progressed to secret transvestitism, a paraphilia in which a man is sexually aroused by
dressing in women’s clothing.

Fucking A it’s Momma’s fault AGAIN! And I thought fapping caused hairy palms and a direct descent to hell. When did this rule change?

Female-to-male transsexuals usually have childhood GID. As little girls many come to believe
that women are weak and they would be safer and more appreciated if they were boys. They
refuse to wear feminine clothing and prefer boys’ clothes, games, and sports. They are sexually
attracted to women and may enter lesbian relationships. As some point being a masculinelooking
lesbian is not enough and they start taking male hormones and opt to have their breasts
removed. Male hormones often cause significant personality change, as well as changes in the
body and the growth of body hair. Some FTM’s may have hysterectomies, but relatively few opt
for surgery to create the simulation of a penis, since such attempts are not functional nor
aesthetically acceptable.

Now they’re just making this shit up. Seriously? Transgendered persons are SO much less likely to be victims of violence, bullying, and laws that target them…Do these people even live on the same planet with the rest of us? I’m also surprised their censors let them type “penis”. Did they have to opt-in for that?

A person’s sex (male or female) is an immutable biological reality. In the vast majority of people
(including those who later identify as “transgender”), it is unambiguously identifiable at birth.
There is no rational or compassionate reason to affirm a distorted psychological self-concept
that one’s “gender identity” is different from one’s biological sex.

Bless their hearts. They are absolutely the poster children of “distorted”. If this hasn’t been enough to convince you of the level of fuckwagon trolls that work at the FRC, I suggest you take a big swig of moonshine before you do any further reading of their “science”. Who thought it would be a good idea to let them help choose the short-list for SCOTUS? Ken Ham?


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