Everyone, and I mean everyone in the known and unknown universe knows that Bernie Sanders attracts the support of only one kind of American: White, young, male, millennial moochers. That’s it. No one else. Ever. Period. This is of course why Sanders is losing. It’s not that Hillary Clinton benefited from a primary system tailor-made for her to garner more votes in closed primaries while walling-off independents from the process; it’s because Sanders is hated by anyone who isn’t white, male and a millennial.
Don’t believe me? Then look at this list of famous Bernie supporters, culled from that socialist-commie’s own website as proof!

This is super-white actor Mechad Brooks, and he has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.
This is actor Mechad Brooks, and he has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

 This is tall drink of white guy is musician Alejandro Escovedo, and he has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.


This is totally Caucasian musician and producer Brad Terrence “Scarface” Jordan. He has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

scarface (1)

This young millennial male is actress Juliette Lewis. She has endorsed Bernie Sanders.


This super-naive moocher is famous actress Nikki Reed. She has also endorsed Bernie Sanders.


This pale-skinned, young and naive man is Dr. Cornel West, and he’s a leader in the civil rights movement. Oh he’s endorsing Sanders, too.


This super-young, super-male, super white comedian is named Margaret Cho. She has endorsed Sanders too.


This pale-faced dude is musician Meshell Ndegeocello, who is endorsing Bernie.

Meshell Ndegeocello_small

This is Millennial penis-having dude is comedian Sarah Silverman, and she was one of the first celebs to endorse Sanders.


Clearly this is a young, millennial male. It’s also comedian Lizz Winstead who co-created The Daily Show, and she endorsed Bernie Sanders.


And finally, this is Killer Mike. In addition to obviously being a white male, he is a rapper, and is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president.



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