The ultra alt-right, previously barely known State Senator from Knoxville, Tennessee, Martin Daniel, had a few things to say over the weekend about Muhammad Ali’s death. None of the reports I have seen have come even close to covering all of the things he Tweeted; however, since I was online at the time, I managed to get screenshots of it all. He has since deleted everything, though not before causing a massive shit-storm and backlash that traveled all the way to Washington, DC, LA, Las Vegas, and caught the attention of multiple high-ranking officials, celebrities, and reporters. The last one, of course, came after all of the criticism he received, from both Progressives and Conservatives. Here it is, in all of its…glory.

He was so proud of this one, he pinned it.


Hey, I’m a proud SJW, and if you’re Momma had taught you some manners, bless your heart,  you wouldn’t be in this mess.


I honestly fail to see the connection, or the validity of the source, but this still boils down to, “I know you are, but what am I?”


I shouldn’t have been surprised he didn’t take this gigantic hint that Twitter offered him, but…


Many people tried to help him out, but he was beyond any reason.


This top one was a retweet. SMFH


Is anyone surprised? OF COURSE it is, because he invoked Christ exactly ZERO times, and Jesus would have totally approved of everything he did, too.


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