Remember how Republicans swear up and down that racism isn’t even a thing anymore? Remember how they like to tell us you can’t see racism in America unless you’re a libtarded liberal Cultural Marxist who hates freedom and wants to be a race baiter? Well…
I apologize ahead of time, because in order to present this material to you, I have to do my due diligence and link you to the original piece where I found the comments that sparked this piece. The problem there is that they were found on a particularly atrocious piece of right-wing clickbait entitled “Thugs beat, rob white men after chanting THREE words…”
The story exists on Allen B. West’s website. Or at least I think it’s a website because it’s so fucking bloated and bogged down with ads that I’m pretty sure it might just literally just be a content-free ad warehouse…oh wait, it kinda is. Regardless, the piece in question was the kind of fare that right-wing nutjobs eat up. It regales its audience with an isolated, anecdotal story of three black men who assaulted and robbed a white man after allegedly chanting “Black Lives Matter.”
The implication that the uber-genius who wrote the racist clickbait bullshit is making here of course is that Black Lives Matters is a violent, racist group of “thugs” and hooligans. Of course, try to explain to that guy, or anyone who thinks like he does, that BLM isn’t some large, organized group with a single leader, and you’ll get vacant stares. So you might want to have a copy of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 budget handy to make them feel safe and secure.

Now, the story itself isn’t that strong a testament to America’s seedy, racist underbelly, though there are plenty of dog whistles in it. The piece does a great job of whining about how terrible race relations are in this country, while ignoring that people like the author are the ones telling us we can’t actually do anything about race relations, because racism doesn’t exist. So sit back and think about that for a second. There are people in this country who don’t think racism is a problem, but rather they think that any and all racial tensions that exist are the fault of black people for being duped by those huckster Democrats into thinking there’s racism out there.
Which would be all fine dandy if Allen West’s website didn’t allow comments. But they do. And here were literally the first two comments I found when I opened the click-AIDS piece:
Yeah. Racism is dead alright. The alt-right is in no way in bed with racists, or courting them at all. Racism is just a myth now in this country.
…and if you believe that, I have a shitty, ad-laden and clickbait as fuck website to sell you. It’s under the bridge I’ll sell you as a package deal. I look forward to being called a cuck in the comments.

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