For three straight months Bernie Sanders has bested Hillary Clinton’s fundraising totals. Or as the Hand-Wringing Class of Democrats puts it: Bernie should drop out because it’s over and it’s obvious more people want Hillary.

Sooooooooooooooo…Bullshit? Yeah. Bullshit.

The thing is, we’ve heard all the arguments. Bernie’s not doing well enough with black voters (if you only consider black voters to be older and Southern). Bernie’s trailing in total popular votes. Bernie’s got such a narrow path to victory it’s just wasting everyone’s time and energy. And so and ad naseum. We get it, Hillary peeps, you’re anxious to hoist that cup over your heads. And you know what? You’re very likely going to get that chance, but with that being said…

Bernie is crushing you in donations. And the biggest difference in donations between he and Hillary isn’t even the sum, but rather the source. Yes, Hillary’s Southern Firewall Held pretty well, but if you value intellectual honesty even as much as Ted Cruz enjoys a tasty nasal byproduct every now and again, you can’t just turn a blind eye to the fundraising that Sanders is doing right now. In the era of “Money is Speech” it’s absolutely telling that even the much-revered Donor Class that Clinton’s campaign is fueled by is being beaten by Joe and Martha Smith giving Bernie twenty-seven bucks, and denying that is what makes Sanders supporters’ teeth itch.

My pal Manny asked rather brilliantly not that long ago, “If Bernie Sanders Can’t Win, Why Do Hillary Supporters Want Him To Quit Now?” And I’m compelled to ask the same question myself several times a day when seeing some Hillary supporters angrily insist Sanders is hurting the party, or hurting America even, just by honoring the millions of dollars sent his way each month and staying in the competition. It just smells like desperation and more than a soupçon of nervous anxiety to me.

Let me just ask Hillary supporters insistent on Bernie dropping out one question — what in the holy hell do would you say if the shoe was on the other foot? If Hillary was beating Bernie in donations but trailing by less than 300 actual delegates (superdelegates don’t count right now), would you be willing to hear Bernie fans’ arguments for her dropping out now? Of-fucking-course you wouldn’t. So please hold them high horses, yeah?

I’ve written satirically about the demands of Hillary supporters for Bernie to quit. In “Oregon Bernie Supporter Not Sure If Primary’s Still Happening Since Hillary Already Won,” I wrote about a woman who wasn’t sure whether she got to still vote in a primary since her state’s hadn’t been held yet but everyone in the media and Hillary supporters were telling her the race was over. This was before Bernie dominated in Washington, Oregon, and Utah. This was before it looked like he was poised for perhaps another upset in Wisconsin. The idea in that piece is really the same as this one here — stop trying to force Bernie to quit when there is more than enough time left on the clock.

Like it or not, the streams of money that are still pouring into Sanders’ war chest warrant his continued presence in the race, as does the fact that he’s still not mathematically eliminated. This is the major leagues, and up here, we play a full nine. But to talk to many people in the press and ardent Hillary fans, you’d get the distinct impression that we’re playing three innings of simulated game situations in the bullpen.

Just relax, Hillary fans. If she’s meant to be, she’ll be. But I really have a hard time swallowing the notion that if the shoe were on the other proverbial foot that you all would be telling your girl to drop out. I know that because in politics it’s really stupid to quit before all the votes are counted. And there are still big, delegate-rich states left to vote. Gee, I wonder if that’s why Hillary is so desperate to get Bernie out of the race? Hmmm.

What do you think?



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