The Right Wing Wackos have spread a lot of rumors about things Obama would do while in office. Unfortunately POTUS ran out of time, or forgot, or maybe he just did not have nefarious plans to begin with. Whoa, could that be true?

Below is an incomplete list of just some of the crazy things radical right wingers predicted would happen under an Obama presidency.

  1. The Affordable Care Act would lead to the creation of death panels due to rationing of health care services. (Bachmann, Grassley, and Palin took this even further and suggested a panel would be created to decide who would live or die.)
  2. Obama would execute his critics. Glenn Beck proposed Baltimore and Ferguson would end up killing opponents of the President, including himself.
  3. He was a secret Muslim who took the Oath of Office on the Koran.
  4. Obama would allow Ebola to spread within the U.S. in order to imprison conservatives. Apparently liberals cannot get it.
  5. He would bring 100 million Muslims to the U.S., convert it to an Islamic nation.
  6. Obama would allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the U.S., and Franklin Graham would have a sadz.
  7. He would redecorate the Oval Office in Middle Eastern style.
  8. Obama would start a race war; he was behind the anti-police demonstrations in Ferguson and Baltimore.
  9. The President would use the ACA to create his own Brown-Shirt Army.
  10. He would order soldiers to swear their allegiance to him instead of the flag.

  11. Obama would take your guns away. This lead to the Sandy Hook conspiracy that the entire 2012 incident was staged for this very purpose.
  12. The President would secretly give American islands to Russia. “Texas House candidate Wes Riddle endorsed this theory and noted the relinquishment as grounds for impeachment. However, the seven Arctic islands were actually given away in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush.”
  13. Obama would take over the State of Texas. This theory was so popular, politicians took advantage of it during a military exercise and played to the base’s fears.
  14. He would also institute youth reeducation camps to teach liberal ideas to children.
  15. He would ban the Bible.
  16. Obama would come for your gold.
  17. He would impose Sharia Law.
  18. The President would have FEMA concentration camps in which he would “commandeer farmland, steal everyone’s food, and draft any American into slave labor for a war of aggression against Iran. Also, he has a “secret vault” at Interpol’s headquarters for imprisoning Americans.”
  19. He would confiscate your retirement account, more specifically your IRA.
  20. He would fake an assassination attempt and use it as an excuse to declare martial law.
  21. Obama would stay in office and not allow an election in 2016. GAWD I COULD GO FOR THIS ONE.

Obviously none of these things happened. Only a few small media outlets are even noting any of these, and each of them was a major story to itself at one time. If you do feel you were adversely affected by one or more of these, please print off the list and show a psychiatrist where on it President Obama hurt you, bless your heart.


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