When you come to a website called “Modern Liberals,” you likely would not expect to find a piece praising Senator Lindsey “The Vapors!” Graham (R-SC), but well, when Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, you’re already living in a satirical world, and I am a satirical girl, or well, you get the point. Last week, Graham lambasted Trump for his comments about the judge in hearing the civil fraud case against Trump University and basically called out every single Republican who from now until the election does not rescind or altogether refuse to endorse Trump’s candidacy.
During an interview on CNN, Graham said Trump’s racist attacks on the judge should make people nervous about the future of the Republican Party.

“If he continues this line of attack then I think people really need to reconsider the future of the party,” Graham added. (source)

Of course, Graham being the party loyalist he is couldn’t outright call Donald a racist, but it was pretty clear that he understands the billionaire bloviator is at the very least willing to use racism and racist rhetoric to garner votes. Graham also flat-out said this kind of talk could cost the Republicans the election in the fall.

“I don’t think he’s racist but he’s playing the race card. And in the political process he’s putting the race card on the table.” (source)

I just want to remind everyone that Lindsey Graham isn’t always the voice of sanity in the party. He’s been one of the leading Benghazi conspiracy mongers. Lindsey has never met a war he didn’t like and he and John McCain have become the Senate’s biggest war hawks. In no way am I implying that Graham has suddenly awoken from his conservative slumber; I’m just saying that he’s living, breathing proof that not every conservative is an unabashed racist, even if they often times turn a blind eye to systemic racism in the name of not pissing off their constituents.
Of course, just a couple of weeks ago Graham was reportedly urging Republicans to unite behind Trump, so as with any time any politician’s mouth is flapping, a healthy dose of sodium-chloride might be wise to keep on hand. To be fair to Lindsey, he is a Republican, and in any other, normal election year him encouraging people to get in line behind a guy he was jousting with for the nomination just a few months ago wouldn’t be all that strange in the first place. But a sack of used horse condoms like Trump throws every single “normal” election year axiom out the window because he is completely and utterly unpredictable.

The bottom line here is really simple — the GOP should be extremely terrified about what Trump is going to do their party. Let’s say he wins by some electoral miracle. Does anyone have any doubt in their minds that he’d be up for impeachment in his first term? Does anyone have any doubt he could easily be the first president actually removed from office? Even if he survives his first term, does anyone really think he’d win another one?
Simply put — Donald Trump is very likely the Republican Party’s Grim Reaper. Obviously Lindsey Graham knows that. I suspect that a whole shit load of Republican politicians do, and that’s why they haven’t come flooding out in support of him, like they did for Mitt Romney or McCain when they locked-up the nomination. If Trump chooses a Sarah Palin type for his Vice President, just imagine the size of the landslide the Dems would enjoy. Trump is already a nightmare for most Americans; if he chooses an utter moron to be one yuge missed heartbeat away from the Oval Office, you might see him lose 30 states or more.


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