The New York Post, a veritable bastion of journalistic integrity (cough, cough), is trending all over the internet thanks to an “expose” on Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal. It seems Carlos Danger is back with a passion, and, if the photos are to be believed, that passion is in his pants. Oddly, the Post acquired said photos from Weiner’s online inamorata, who spoke to Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid on the condition of anonymity.
According to the Post, Anthony Weiner’s online sexting partner is “a self-avowed supporter of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association who’s used Twitter to bash both President Obama and Clinton.” Huh. Now how would the Post know that? She obviously gave them her name, but does not want it released to the public. Or the Post hacked her accounts, in which case, why is she speaking with them? Why isn’t she suing them? Since she is speaking with the Post, and not suing them, it’s probably safe to say she knows exactly what she’s doing. And she’s a Trump supporter, an NRA supporter, and she despises President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Who is Anthony Weiner married to again? The name is on the tip of my keyboard…oh that’s right, Huma Abedin. Who works for none other than Hillary Clinton. I Googled “conservatives go after Huma Abedin again,” and the first result is from the New York Post: “Huma Abedin worked at Muslim journal that opposed women’s rights.” The rest of the results are a cornucopia of right-wing media sources, like Breitbart, Conservative Outfitters, Conservative Daily Post, and NewsMax. Gosh, you’d think there was some sort of conspiracy against this woman.
A few years ago, my favorite congresscritter, Michele Bachmann, wrote a letter, claiming both Huma Abedin and Congressman Keith Ellison were affiliated with Islamic terrorists. She, along with Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, Lynn “The Obamas Are Uppity” Westmoreland, and Trent “Abortion Is Worse Than Slavery” Franks, stated in the letter that Ms. Abedin and her family are “connected” to the Muslim Brotherhood through her father, who died when she was a teenager.

Now that Hillary Clinton is most likely our next president, and the Post has endorsed Trump, and the Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who hates Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin works for Hillary Clinton-see where this is going? Yes, Anthony Weiner is addicted to sexting, yes he needs immediate treatment, and someone has got to take his damn phone away. But the details of this scandal are just too odd to ignore. A right-wing tabloid somehow gets their hands on photos and texts between Anthony Weiner and a conservative, Trump-supporting, pro-NRA, anti-liberal woman. Anthony Weiner just happens to be married to Huma Abedin, who is one of Hillary Clinton’s most trusted advisors. Conservatives have been going after Huma Abedin for years, and going after Hillary Clinton for decades.
Did Anthony Weiner get caught, again, sexting some woman on the internet who wanted to make a name for herself like Sydney Leathers? You betcha. Is it a little hinky that the woman on the other side of Carlos Danger’s dick pics is a right-wing, Trump-loving, NRA-supporting, anti-liberal conservative? And is it really, really hinky that the New York Post broke this story, given who owns them, who they’ve endorsed for president, and how much Rupert Murdoch hates Hillary Clinton? Um…yes.
I can’t prove anything; I just have a gut feeling there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Again, I am in no way excusing Anthony Weiner’s behavior, nor am I saying he didn’t sext some woman online. It’s pretty clear Weiner’s got a problem, and needs serious help. But this is just such an odd coincidence. Hillary Clinton up in the polls, conservatives have targeted Huma Abedin before, the Post is a right-wing tabloid, Rupert Murdoch is a flaming conservative, the woman Weiner was sexting is also a flaming conservative, and suddenly, Carlos Danger’s back.
Hopefully, this is the last we will ever hear about Carlos Danger. Hopefully, Ms. Abedin will throw down the gauntlet, and force Weiner to get help. Hopefully, this election can get back to focusing on issues rather than tabloid gossip, lies, and innuendo.
Update: According to numerous media sources, Huma Abedin has announced she and Anthony Weiner are separating.


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