We are working through a warped version of the stages of grief. One of those is blame, and then there is ragey anger. I have been getting in touch with mine the last 24 hours or so. I get it.

I do not want to see us misplace our anger and allow it to further divide us. There is plenty of time for political scientists and professional whatevers to hypothesize what groups “caused” us to end up with President Cheeto. But ultimately the people who made it happen are the ones who voted for him. So let us not stay angry with third party voters, Bernie Sanders or his supporters or detractors, the “media” (the legitimate media…feel free to hate Breitbart and Infowars), Hillary Clinton, millennials, or whomever else.

It’s easy to scream and yell at one group or another. I’ve seen posts that place blame on just about every group imaginable. I am not saying they don’t have any merit. Rather, there just is not anything to gain at this point. Trump was elected because people went and voted for Trump. Despite his racism, sexism, xenophobia, boorishness, classlessness, nastiness, scandals, lack of business acumen, affairs, three wives, and on and on and on. They did not care. They wanted Trump, they voted for Trump, and they are to blame for Trump.

If we can direct our anger and rage at the Trumpkins and unite together against all of Trumpism, we will be so much better and stronger. We have major battles to fight, and they are already starting.

Hate crimes are occurring everywhere.

Still, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes, is “seeing a rash of hate crimes, of hate rhetoric, racist graffiti in campuses around the country,” said Mark Potok, an SPLC senior fellow, who called the uptick extraordinary. We have seen [Ku Klux] Klan literature drops, we have seen that suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook, and we are hearing of very extensive bullying in and around schools.” (Source)

International leaders are meeting out of frantic concern for agreements that may no longer be kept.

Now, it is possible that Trump will surprise us and ultimately decide against pulling us out of the Paris accord. As Bloomberg reports, some world leaders believe that there’s still a chance he will not go through with it, because it could create massive international diplomatic complications and render the United States an outlier amid the global trend towards acceptance of a need to tackle global warming. As the world’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter, that would make us a rather gigantic outlier. Regardless, representatives from many nations are currently gathered in Morocco for a conference, where they are trying to figure out how to lock in commitments to the accord. The potentially disastrous implications of Trump’s victory for the deal is a big topic of discussion there. In a sense, then, from their perspective, world leaders are literally scrambling to save the planet from Donald Trump, before it is too late. (Source)

We have friends scared of losing their insurance. We know people terrified their marriages will be invalidated. Minorities are worried they will be further marginalized in ways we cannot even fathom right now. The fears are real, genuine, and warranted. I am not saying that we ignore forever the failures that led to this travesty of an election. But I implore you all to focus your energies right now on what we know…what we can affect. And rage at Trump and his minions and lemmings. This is mostly on them. Don’t give them the gift of dividing us now. They don’t deserve that. Don’t let them have that, too.


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