You know what I’m really tired of, besides this year’s presidential election in general? Hillary Clinton supporters’ exasperated insistence that Bernie Bros are the only Sanders supporters around. I’m equally over Sanders supporters saying it’s only Hillary Hawks acting like douchebags.

Cut the shit, everyone.

Each side has its assholes. Some would (probably rightly) argue I’m one for the Sanders campaign. Except I don’t troll Hillary supporters (well, my satirical shit might), and I didn’t decide to go Bernie or Bust because I call her $hillary or care about her FBI investigation. I made my decisions based on where I live, and her super-hawkish stance on national defense. But the point I’m making here is that both sides do it. Don’t believe me?

Maybe you have short term memory loss. But literally just a couple days ago this douchebag, along with several other douchebags (because you cannot get a page or group shutdown on Facebook without it being reported by many people) got more than a handful of Facebook groups shut down by spamming them with porn — some of it of the kiddie variety reportedly — and then reporting it.

bernie sanders groups 1

And even if you believe this is the work of someone who is only trying to make Hillary supporters look bad, how about reading the responses from Hillary fans after that dick gloated about it?



Here’s a screenshot from an extremely pro-Hillary group I nabbed just today. I am sure the person who posted the idiotic meme didn’t create it, but he’s passing it around like an asshole, isn’t he? Right above that was another meme he posted about Bernie being willing to waste $140 million on a race he can’t win, because you know, his donors want him to just hold onto it, or toss it into the Anointed One’s coffers, I guess, right?


And just one more example of the super-duper-nice Hillary fans and the super-duper, helpful, totally-not-full-of-shit things they say about Bernie supporters.


Because you know, comparing people that are largely in agreement with you on policy terrorists is helpful, right? It’s also really intelligent because since you share so many of their beliefs it doesn’t in any way imply you’re just as bad, right? Comments like these get ignored by hardcore Hillary Hawks, of course, but they exist, and they aren’t hard to find. Now, I ask you, if you were a garden variety, non-terrorist Sanders supporter, would reading those two comments in any way sway you to consider Clinton with an open mind?

And yes, there are plenty of shitty Sanders supporters out there. They cry about Benghazi like right-wingers, and they even parrot bullshit conspiracy theories about Hillary having Vince Foster killed. Our own Erin Nanasi covered some bad Bernie Backer behavior leveled at author Anne Rice and actor George Takei. I won’t take up more of your reading time by posting her quotes from Bernie supporters, but you can read her piece and verify she witnessed some bullshit too.

So why does all this easily found evidence of both camps having their derps exist? Because people have bought so hard into the two party system that they treat inter-party politics the same, and just like in sports you get fans of a team who see their players commit no fouls, while every player on the other team should be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. Also — Americans are assholes, guys. Like, really big assholes.

Ask anyone who’s either not an American, or is an American and has traveled or lived abroad and they will tell you — we are all a little obnoxiously arrogant and pushy with our views. It’s probably a side effect of living in a country that literally invented the concept of modern “liberty,” “freedom,” and “rights.” But still, we’re all major assholes, and I don’t mean the kind that help fly Spaceball One.

Maybe, then, all the rational people in both the Hillary and the Bernie groups should tuck their little feewees back in their bodies and remember that every asshole comment they see doesn’t represent anything other than just one asshole American’s opinion. Cut the shit. There are horrible Clinton and Sanders Supporters, and only people with their heads in the sand or up their own asses will deny that fact.


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