I am so sick of seeing posts and articles that try to place the blame for Trump and his neo-Nazi supporters on other people, especially “the left,” but frankly on anyone. Can you make an argument that “the media” gave them a bigger voice, that reality television made Trump a household name? Probably. But I sat in my den and watched the Republican debates, and there were as many as seventeen candidates at one point. SEVENTEEN. Donald Trump was not the only option. The Republican voters chose him out of a field of seventeen, that included John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush.

“The Left” was pretty damn busy with its own battle; although technically we had three candidates, I don’t even remember the third guy’s name most days. We were as divided as oil and water between Clinton and Sanders for months. I personally think that’s because we had two solid choices, but they had some marked differences that drew in diverse voters.

But did well-intentioned members of the press (I’m not including Breitbart and the Neo-Nazi Stormfront) and Democratic officials and writers, maybe even average folks elevate Trump and his merry band of misfits? Possibly. Pardon us. Our experience with whacked out candidates and Nazis is limited at best, so missteps are pretty inevitable. The only folks alive during Hitler’s reign of terror didn’t have Facebook and live television. The adjustments have been innumerable. But what was the alternative? Ignore everything they did and hope against hope they went away?

I’d like to try a little experiment here. Why don’t we do something really wild and crazy? Let’s put the onus for this on the perpetrators and hold them primarily accountable for their own actions! You know that antiquated concept our parents taught us, that we try to pass down to our children? What would happen if the (anti-Trump) Right, the party who loves to rant about personal responsibility, accepted that Trump and company are just terrible people because they are terrible people who do god-awful things, and we agreed, shook hands, and moved on from this insane debate? What could we actually accomplish of substance? I would love the chance to find out!

I am not advocating we give the press a free pass here. We absolutely should hold their feet to the fire. But find those who have truly made an effort, support quality journalism, stop generalizing with “The Media” Bashing, and allow for human nature. This has not been easy for anyone. It is not going to get any less complicated or complex. Remember Katy Tur and the nightmare she endured?


When you see ridiculousness like this, move on. It does nothing for anyone, other than possibly provide a bit of balm of attention or comfort to the people in that circle. I am done with it. DONE.

I’ve been encouraged by #NeverTrump Republicans like Evan McMullin, Rick Wilson, and Ben Howe, to name a few. They fought to stop him, and they continue to call him and the neo-Nazis out. Truly principled conservatives will bridge the partisan divide and work with us and help guide us. We won’t always agree on policy, but having them in our corner gives me hope and optimism that somehow we will survive this.

So let’s refuse to engage in the blame game. Support quality journalism. And reach out and keep open minds to the conservative leaders of integrity. And hang on tight!



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